What Hundreds of Millions of Data Points Taught Us About Email List Building


Drip recently integrated with Privy, an awesome suite of email list building tools. The following is a guest post on list building from Ben Jabbawy, founder of Privy, with some exclusive data on growing your list.

Every savvy entrepreneur understands the power of an email list. When you double your list, you can realistically double your product sales… without investing any extra effort.

But what if your list isn’t growing as fast as it could be?

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World-Class Marketing Automation for $1/month

AdobeStock 7250637

Less than 2 weeks ago I announced that we were acquired by Leadpages, with the intent of channeling their sizeable resources into delivering more value to our customers and accelerating growth.

And here we are, 14 days later, with the first examples of how we plan to do that.

Marketing Automation for $1/month

Today we’re launching the least expensive entry-level marketing automation plan you will find anywhere. It’s $1/month.

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15+ Tools that Every Digital Product Creator Needs in Their Belt

blogging tools

Tools for creating content are ever-changing. If you spend your time reading reviews, keeping track of free trial periods, and testing products for the different aspects of your business, there would be less time spent actually creating content.

So, instead of creating a gigantic list of tools that will just send you into a frenzy and bring your creativity to a screeching halt; we’ve stuck with the essentials.

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Beware of These 6 Problem Client Types (and Know How to Deal With Them)

problem client types

Problem clients come in many disguises, and all of them make life difficult for us. There are the naggers and worriers, the penny-pinchers and the egomaniacs. Those idiosyncrasies can be challenging, especially when the pressure is on to complete the job and get paid.

If you’re able to spot the signs of a problem client right from the start, you can avoid a lot of trouble further down the line. Sometimes it’s best to simply drop them; they need a lot of attention, and that time and energy might better be spent elsewhere. However, sometimes you just need to grin and bear it – particularly when the job is a lucrative one.

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