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Seth Godin is returning to Business of Software Conference USA, we've changed the venue for BoS Europe and we're sharing Rory Sutherland's mind-bending talk on how we can use tech to hack the human consciousness.

Seth Godin
It's fantastic to welcome Seth back to BoS USA. One of the most brilliant minds in marketing, Seth has lived and breathed the software industry for over 30 years and his books and talks change the way you think. Of course, it's one thing listening to a great talk, but we also want to help you get specific ideas and advice about your own challenges so we're going to make that happen too. After Seth's keynote, we will have an extended Q&A session where Seth will answer as many questions a we can get through in the time. If you are struggling with a marketing challenge, there are few people in the world that can offer more informed and practical advice

Change of Venue for BoS Europe - See you in court.
We have relocated the venue for Business of Software Conference Europe to the Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch. Why? It's amazing. Our attendees deserve the best possible experience in attending the conference. Locating the event in the same venue as the majority of guests are located maximises the chance of serendipitous interactions and minimises travel time. Plus, the venue is brand new, has a more comfortable private cinema auditorium and is one you will remember for all the right reasons. It costs us a bit more, but we think that is worth it.

New Talk Live - Rory Sutherland, Hacking the Human Mind

Rory is a world class talker and takes some shutting up. In fact, we know that which is why we scheduled this talk to be 'flexible'. That’s why it went on for 90 minutes and no one left the room…

Upcoming Hangouts Online

🎙️ 15th March, 17.00 GMT Joshua Seiden, Jeff Gothelf, Sense and Respond

  • Jeff and Josh join us to talk about the new rules of work and  anything else you want to ask them about. Register Here (Free).

🎙️ 28th March at 17:00 GMT. Art Papas, CEO, Bullhorn.

  • Art gave a great talk at BoS USA about how he had to change the culture of the company he founded as it got increasingly arrogant as it grew rapidly. Register Here (Free).

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