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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. We're popping into your inbox late this week to avoid the traditional Black Friday email cleanout. I for one have had a cathartic inbox clearout and unsubscribed to a stream of newsletters I received this week with BF offers that I had no idea I had subscribed to. We hope we survive your personal purge we try to share useful content every time we drop you a line.

This time, we've got the date for BoS Europe 2018, 2 new talks from Jason Eckenroth, founder CEO of Ship Compliant with a stellar talk on seller remorse (it should be mandatory watching for anyone considering selling their business), and Scott Eblen with his new rules for product management - not just new ideas but some fascinating history. There's also news on the 7 (yes, 7) BoS speakers in this year's Thinkers50. Read on to find out more...

BoS Conference Europe 2018 - Date and Super Early Bird Tickets

We're delighted to let you know that Business of Software Conference Europe 2018 will be held at the Barbican Centre, London, May 21-22nd 2018. More soon as we announce first speakers...

We could tell you why you should come, but it's probably better to hear it from some people who attended, right?
The conference will take place on Monday 21st - Tuesday 22nd May, at the Barbican Centre in London, UK. 

If you save your place today, you will get the Super Early Bird rate, saving over 50% over the On The Door rate.

But when you book, you don't just get a ticket.

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Historic Unless something incredible happens, this will be be the last BoS Europe to be held in the UK while we're part of the EU - join us for this historic occasion. 
Save your BoS Europe place today at Super Early Bird Price

2 New BoS Europe 2017 Talks 


The Agony & Ecstasy of Selling My Company | Jason Eckenroth 

It's a double header of talks from BoS Europe 2017 this week, and the first is from Jason Eckenroth, Founder of ShipCompliant. This is such an honest talk - Jason shares his personal feelings in the run up to the sale of ShipCompliant, and the three things he would say to his past self if he could do it again. A really interesting look into the mind of a Founder on the dark night before the sale of his company - well worth your time!

Watch Jason's talk here


Debunking Product Platitudes | Scott Eblen

Scott is the Director of Product Management at the Social Media behemoth that is Twitter having spent time with Microsoft, Google and Nutmeg, the personal finance startup. He shared with us the dangers of prioritising product team mantras over thoughtful consideration of the problems in front of them.

Watch Scott's talk here

Thinkers50 2017 Ranking - Spot the BoS Speakers

The Thinkers50 Ranking was announced last Monday evening at a gala event in London, and we were not at all surprised to see some very familiar BoS names in the line-up. No fewer than 7 speakers from Business of Software made it into the biennial list of the most important management thinkers of the moment - all of them had already been in the list in previous years too.

We profiled each of the BoS alumni who made it in to the Thinkers50 with links to some of their talks.

Thinkers50 - Spot the BoS Speakers


The Startup Way is launched!

Thanks to everyone who turned out last Wednesday evening to a packed evening in London to talk to Eric Ries at our #BoSLean event.

Eric presented some ideas from his new book The Startup Way and shepherded a brilliant Q&A, covering Innovation Accounting, the waterfall disaster to end all waterfall disasters (TL;DR Brexit), misconceptions of the Lean Startup, and the importance of embracing transparency in hiring for the sake of equality.

A massive thank you again to our sponsors - ThoughtWorks Ventures, Geovation, and SyndicateRoom for supporting the evening

We will publish the talk and host an online Q&A with Eric in the new year. Watch this space...

Have a peaceful weekend.

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