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Thank you for being a part of the Business of Software community. It means a lot to us that you take the time to read this and I hope you will continue to find interesting ideas. This week, we share the five most frequently recommended BoSTalks this year, and I'm also sharing my personal favourite talk of 2017...

The Top 5 Most Impactful BoSTalks of 2017


An inevitability of this time of year is the never-ending 'Top 10' lists that float around the internet. You'll be glad to know we've succumbed to this trend. We have however limited ourselves to just 5 talks. Why? These talks are GOLD. And you should watch all 5 of them.

Discover The Top 5 Most Impactful BoSTalks of 2017

What's in store for Business of Software in 2018?

Our 2018 Conference dates are: Europe, May 21-22 and USA, Oct 1-3.

The 'before the speakers are announced early bird' 
tickets are on sale until we announce the first speakers in January. These are the lowest priced tickets we make available so if you're planning on joining us in 2018, save your places before the holiday break. 

Online Speaker Hangouts

BoS Speaker Hangouts are back in the new year. The first is just around the corner...
At 4pm GMT on Wednesday January 10th Andrus Purde will be joining us on Crowdcast for the first BoS Hangout of the year. We published his 2017 BoSTalk on Scaling SaaS Marketing last week. Watch the talk and come ready with your questions for Andrus.

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All BoS Conference Europe 2017 Talks 


All the talks from BoS Conference Europe 2017 are now online. We will share them, with transcripts etc over the course of the year but if you want to see them straight away, you have two options...

1. You can get early access here for £120. Watch online or download at your leisure.

Click here for all BoS Conference Europe 2017 talks

2. Receive a free link to the talks when you save your place for BoS Conference Europe or BoS Conference USA 2018

If you haven't yet registered for the BoS Europe and BoS USA 2018 events, now would be a good time. By booking early you could save up to 50% on your tickets, and snap up the best hotel deals before anyone else. And put just a little of that nice end of year budget you've got hanging around to really good use. 

Click below to find out more and save your place.

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Finally. My Favourite #BoSTalk of 2017

I'm often asked what my personal favourite BoS talks are. I don't generally answer as favourite is such a subjective notion. Favourite means many things for different people - the most impactful, most relevant, most value for your career or business, most inspiring, most mind changing, best delivered, nicest slides...

This is my favourite talk of 2017 for the sheer joy of it. It might not teach you anything about how to make better software, (though it is possible it might). It made me happy that there are people like Tim who are prepared to pursue a different path from the one that everyone else does. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't make it right, or right for you. Sort of captures the essence of Business of Software.


Tim lives in his MLP (Minimum Living Product) van. He has done for 2 years. Is Van 2.0 feasible?

Watch Tim's Lightning Talk here

Have a wonderful end of the year. I'll see you in 2018.

Mark Littlewood

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