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Two new speakers to let you know about for BoS Europe this week and a new talk on the subject of making sense of big data. We've also got an AMA hangout tomorrow with Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn who spoke last year at BoS USA about the tricky business of turning round a company culture


BoS Europe. If you're thinking about selling your company, don't, seriously, don't, until you have heard from Jason Eckenroth, founder of bootstrapped ShipCompliant. He sold his business for lots of $$$ but in hindsight, he might have done things differently. Expect to learn some of the things that Jason did to build a SaaS business that owned 80% of its market but also a raw and honest appraisal of the reasons he decided to sell his business. Founders rarely talk about the downsides of successful exits.

BoS Europe. Do you have too little or too much data in your business? Vince Darley- Making complexity simple{r} Are you making intelligent decisions based on the information you have? Vince is one of the world's leading digital data scientists. He's the brain behind companies including Ocado, (where he built a team of 150 data scientists  - proper ones - with PhDs and everything) and Deliveroo, where he heads up growth. Vince will share some of the secrets of effective data-driven companies. You might not need the 250 Hadoop nodes that has, but you will come away with ideas you can put to work in your company straight away. If you're drowning in data Vince is your life saver.  

New Talk Live - Vince Darley, Making Sense of Big Data at BoS2015.

Vince draws on 20 years of experience solving complex data problems. He talks about how you can use data to turn knowledge into real, practical benefits to businesses, that can be implemented next week, not next year.

Vince Darley Making Sense of BIG Data

Vince will be speaking at BoS Europe 2017 on the topic of making complexity simple(r)

Upcoming Hangouts Online

🎙️ 28th March at 17:00 GMT. Art Papas, CEO, Bullhorn.

  • Art gave a great talk at BoS USA about how he had to change the culture of the company he founded as it got increasingly arrogant as it grew rapidly. Register Here (Free).

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