Eric Ries and other influential books, Lightning Talk speakers announced, Less than one month to BoS USA.

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We're less than a  month from the 11th Business of Software Conference USA and our pre-publication copy of Eric Ries' new book arrived today. Distraction. Can't beat a new book smell - and it promises to be as good as it smells. Mmmmm. We had a quick flick through to spots where BoS speakers feature: reassuringly frequently.


Talking of books that have Influenced our speakers If you're looking for an excuse to invest in some new reading material, check out our blog post - we asked our BoS USA speakers which business books had the most influence on their lives - the results are... intriguing


Pragmatic Marketing If you love reading, and who doesn't (you're reading this, right?) then you may also be interested in receiving Pragmatic Marketing's complimentary digital subscription to their quarterly Pragmatic Marketer magazine. Pragmatic Marketing is dedicated to helping companies build and market product people actually want to buy. Get your subscription here.

Business of Software Conference USA It's one thing to build a great product, another to convince others of its greatness. It's a recurring challenge for anyone in the software business. We've got some great talks lined up in the form of Expensify's David Barrett talking about Product Driven Growth and Paul Kenny on Turning Software into Money. If you're wrangling with that particular headache right now though, here are some past talks which could help:
Lightning Talk Speakers More product marketing insight to be had at BoS USA, not least from the first of our shiny new Lightning Talk speakers, Lianna Patch. Lianna is from Punchline Copy Conversion and is talking about how anyone can successfully bring humor into your communications to make for a more effective sell. Her talk is 100% guaranteed to feature cats, too. Mewsic to our ears. 🐈 (Yeah, we would really benefit from her talk...)

We're also thrilled to bring you Brennan Dunn's Lightning Talk. Brennan has automated one of his businesses (Double Your Freelancing) so well that he used what he learned to set up and fund a new venture. Check out his story. 

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Court rules LinkedIn must let third parties scrape data Not sure this is a good thing given how the growth hacking community has reacted. 1 minute read

Research images inadvertently instilling sexism in machine learning program Machine learning program shows amplified bias. Be careful what you teach. 2 minute read

The Power of Moments Read the first chapter of Chip & Dan Heath's new book before it's published in the fall. 6 minute read

Hope to see you in Boston. Please let us know if you have any questions about coming along - we will always help if we can.


PS - if you haven't booked a room at the conference venue, our conference rate is now sold out but if you email Wendi, she might be able to help you.

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