It’s Friday, Mark’s away and so we’re doing something a little different for this week…

Welcome to the BoS “Pub Quiz” – there’s a pair of BoS headphones (and glory, of course) for the first person to reply with all the correct answers.*


1)      Which city does BoS USA take place in? (Yes, we're easing you in gently with this one...)


2)      This week, premium-priced mid-range mobile vendor Vertu went bust. How much (approx) did its signature handset cost:

a.      £50,000

b.      £40,000

c.      £30,000


3)      How is BoS regular Giacomo Guilizzoni better known?


4)      Podcast network Gimlet Media got $15m in funding this week. Is the Gimlet cocktail primarily made of:

a.       Gin

b.       Vodka

c.       Rum


5)      Was Scott Berkun’s 2013 BoS talk about his year without:

a.       Pants

b.       Internet

c.       Sleep


6)      Fill in the blank: The ___ Laws of Software Economics (Rich Mironov’s 2015 talk)


7)      Facebook’s AI agents invented their own language. Facebook responded by:

a.       Integrating the new language into their systems

b.       Shutting down the project

c.       Giving the agents their own FB accounts


8)      The BoS Office has a new coffee machine. Which one of these is a genuine drink available (see our blog, or guess):

a.       Hipster hot choc

b.       Artisan americano

c.       Super-foam soya blend



The BoS Elves XOXO

*We'll put the answers up on the blog for a limited period on Monday...