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* BoS Europe Lightning Talks announced - entertaining and inspiring: tips on pitching, lean as a lifestyle, Saas marketing and more.
* Throwback Thursday Lightning Talks: as we announce this year's BoS Europe Lightning Talk speakers, we hark back to some of our best info-rich resources for time-poor tech people
* New video - Growing Profitable Businesses in the Second Machine Age; a talk from BoS Europe  2016 in which Stephen Alllott, Chairman of Pebble, shows us how to bring the thunder when selling software to public sector organisations

* The clock is ticking if you want to join us at BoS Europe - you'll need to be "lightning-fast" to save your place - plus the BoS conference rate for accommodation at our venue, The Courthouse, expires on May 28th. 

Lightning Talks speakers announced: we're really revved up by the topics our chosen speakers have presented, and can't wait to see them in action on June 5-6. Delighted to welcome:

Peter Coppinger, TeamworkWhen should SaaS companies invest in sales teams?
Jon Torrens: Pitch like a Jedi master

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, Riverblade Software: Mental preparation for crisis handling
Andrus Purde,:Pipedrive: From hand to hand combat to a Bond villain: the evolution of a SaaS marketing team (and yours truly)
Greg Menvielle, SmartNotifyCan fake data kill a business?
Tim Dobson, Migration Dragon: Living in a van means Lean as a lifestyle
Doerte Letzmann, Redgate: Doerte’s guide to making your CTO assistant’s life a misery

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Conference Hotel Rate Ends May 28

It's Throwback Thursday and we've captured some of the best BoS  Lightning Talks: at under 10 minutes each, grab a hot drink, a biscuit (or cookie, if you prefer) and enjoy...

Sense and Respond: Principles for the Next Century Of Work: Josh Seiden. (We liked Josh's talk so much we invited him back for BoS USA 2017).

How to get an extra 120 minutes in your day: Peter Szanto, Springtab

The Art of Giving Feedback Sylvana Rochet, The Insightful Executive

Is privacy a red herring? Joan Mulvihill, Irish Internet Association

At the other side of the continuum, and not known for their lightning-fast agility, public sector businesses may seem like the tortoise to the software entrepreneur's hare. However, that doesn't mean they can't work together successfully. We've just published a new video Growing Profitable Businesses in the Second Machine Age, from Stephen Alllott, Chairman of Pebble, who shows us how to work with and sell to public sector organisations who are looking to bring their businesses into the digital age. Great insights from someone who has been through the process and come out the other side.


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