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There's a public holiday in the UK on Monday so we have a long weekend coming up. Before we head off, we wanted to leave you with some new talks and a little more quickfire goodness:

  1. New BoSTalks:
    Anil Dash, CEO of Fog Creek Software - Worrying trends in the software industry.
    Vince Darley, VP Growth at Deliveroo. Making complex data simple(r)
  2. A chance for your company to be featured in the BoS Europe Booklet, thanks to our wonderful sponsors Balsamiq.

Yes, your company could be profiled in the attendee brochure for BoS Europe - a gift to the BoS Community from Balsamiq. Read on to find out more...

It's now just over 2 weeks out from BoS Europe and you're running out of time to get a ticket. Head over here to see the schedule and save your place at BoS Europe - we're looking forward to welcoming you.

Too busy to go? Are you sure? Running fast gets you to the wrong destination much faster... Now, without further ado.

1 - Anil Dash on Evolving A Mature Software Company

Evolving A Mature Software Company | Anil Dash, Fog Creek | BoS USA 2017

When Anil Dash took over as CEO of Fog Creek Software, he had some big shoes to fill. In this talk from BoS USA 2017, Anil talks about evolving a mature software company, diversity, and why software really matters.

2 - Vince Darley on Using Data To Achieve Impact

Data, Simplicity, and Achieving Impact | Vince Darley, Deliveroo | BoS Europe 2017

How do you make data work for you? And how do you know which metrics are going to lead you to growth? Vince Darley is the man to listen to here at this talk from BoS Europe 2017 - he's the VP Growth at Deliveroo, having previously worked at King and Ocado, and is a self-confessed data junkie.

3 - Get Your Company Featured In The BoS Europe Brochure

Every year, our lovely sponsors Balsamiq offer this opportunity to the people of BoS - they sponsor a 2-page spread in the BoS Delegate Brochure and offer the space up to companies in the BoS Community.

We've offered this to attendees who are already registered but saved four slots for new attendees - If you'd like to put your company forward for this placement, register and complete the form below.

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Remember, it's not long until BoS Europe. Take a step back and think about the direction your business is hurtling. Is it the right one? We know you're busy, do take some time to think about the right things. We can help.

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