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When people ask who is speaking at our events as they decide whether to come, we think they're asking the wrong question. We don't play host to celebrity CEO speakers or other big names on the speaking circuit in the hope that we'll draw in big crowds to line our pockets. We're far more interested in experienced, authoritative speakers who can tell a great story and help you think about the challenges you face in building successful software companies.

Today we're sharing some of the topics we'll be covering at BoS Europe this year. I hope you'll agree it's one of our best line-ups yet.

We have a few sessions to confirm, but are always interested to know what will help you. Hit reply and let me know what you'd like to hear about this year - help us to keep helping you.

Upcoming Events

Why You Should Consider Re-Platforming Your SaaS Online Hangout
Mike McDerment, FreshBooks // 12.00 EST, 19th March

Sense & Respond Online Hangout
Josh Seiden, S&R Press // 12.00 EST, 28th March

Innovation: Catching the Next Wave Online Hangout
Prof Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky // 12.00 EST, 9th April

** Why Innovation Must Come From Inside CEO Tales, London, UK
Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group // 18.00-21.00, 25th April

** Business of Software Conference Europe
London, UK // 21-22nd May --- REGISTER

** Business of Software Conference USA
Boston, MA // 1-3rd October --- REGISTER

Session Topics for BoS Conference Europe

The 5th European Business of Software Conference is now less than 3 months away. Here are some of the sessions - click the links to find out more:

You need a workforce that understands your consumer base or you will not build products people love. How can you empathise with customers without a team of people that could? Learn from some successful and unsuccessful approaches to building a team that is more of a Formula One team than a family.

Leading a business in a growth phase is more fun than when times get tough. Here’s some lessons learned founding, building, leading and running enterprise software and SaaS companies over almost 30 years. There’s been more than a fair share of success but the biggest lessons have come from managing in tough times.

Hear from a founder who has built her business in the face of significant competition from competitors, many of whom are very well funded (over $500 million invested into competitors, most no longer alive). The little company has three huge advantages that you need to know.

Is that a feature or a business? How do you find the right business for your software? All successful businesses have to answer this, and seven other key questions sooner or later, so start thinking about them from the outset to reduce the likelihood of failure.

Anti-problems are a great way of considering how to do things well. Consider 10 ways designers and business people can guarantee they will ensure they never see eye-to-eye. You will probably recognise all 10 in action in your own organisation. If things are going to change for the better, do the opposite.

It’s not enough to hire talented people and hope. Building great products means creating the best environment for teams to thrive. Expect insights on effective collaboration, the habits of successful teams, and core principles for designing an outstanding team culture.

Once upon a time,  enterprise software was a safe bet for entrepreneurs and investors. Why is this no longer true and what are the implications for building a B2B SaaS business? Understand the opportunities and challenges that the new software paradigm presents entrepreneurs from the perspective of five decades of investing and founding software companies.

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New Speakers for BoS Conference Europe


We're also thrilled to announce 3 new speakers who will be joining us for BoS Conference Europe this May.

Tom Adeyoola is the Founder/CEO of Metail, the body shape and garment fit visualisation company. He'll talk about how he built a business in an industry he had very little knowledge about.

Welcome back Laura Roeder who spoke at BoS USA 2016. Laura bootstrapped MeetEdgar - in competition against some very well funded competitors. She's sharing what she learned and explaining why small, unfunded business have a lot of advantages.

Tendayi Viki, is an ex-academic - I would have loved to been in his class, whatever the subject. Tendayi will explain why clever ideas are not enough and the seven questions you need to answer to know whether you might have a successful business rather than a nice feature.

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New Video: Mike McDerment, CEO, Freshbooks
How Freshbooks' Fear Of Competition Saved The Company | Mike McDerment, FreshBooks | BoS USA 2017

In 2015, a competitor sprang up that clawed its way into FreshBooks' market and began to drag customers away from their product. CEO Mike McDerment couldn't have been happier. If you're thinking about how you can make big changes in your business, (how you move from Enterprise to SaaS for example), you should watch. Click here to sign up for our Online Hangout with Mike later this month.

Watch Mike's Talk Here 


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Don't forget to hit reply and let me know what you want to hear at BoS this year. Have a great week.

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