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We're flying out to Boston tomorrow for the 11th BoS Conference USA. The conference opens Monday with Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine, delivering the first keynote followed by Seth Godin's talk and workshop. Full program here.

It's that close folks so, last chance to secure a place and save yourself the pain of kicking yourself for the rest of the year. We think you'll find it a very valuable experience if you want to make better software and build a better business, but don't just take our word for it...

"I'm a product manager at Google, based in Seattle, and this will be my ... 6th BoS conference. Having begun my career in a startup and being all about product, I make BoS the only conference I attend." Stephen Konig, Product Manager, Google

New Talks We know AI and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics right now and we're sharing two excellent previous BoS talks on that topic today from Azeem Azhar and Jana Eggers. Videos, slides, notes and transcripts all there.

It seems like every startup we hear from these days has some claim to put AI and/or ML at the hear to what they do but should you worry about it? Is AI & ML the next BIG thing? What can you do to capitalize? This is the very topic of Professor Rita McGrath and Michael Sikorksy's talk next week in Boston.

Azeem Azhar, Schibsted Media on what we need to worry about in AI and ML

Azeem offers a brilliant insight into what AI is, what is driving it and what you can do to prepare.

Jana Eggers from NaraLogics on What Do We Need To Know About AI?

As well as covering the shortcomings of Roombas, Jana's talk gives us a practical view of where AI technology is today and while it may feel like there is a sea of funding for software companies tapping into AI, there are opportunities which may be being missed. Spoiler alert: according to Jana we can all sleep soundly without fear of the singularity bringing forth robot overlords anytime soon. 

Missed out on our latest videos? Here are 3 of our latest videos:
​The Lost Art of Meaningful Content | Dave Collins, SoftwarePromotions | BoS USA 2016
Motivation Matters | Kathy Sierra | BoS USA 2014
Why a SaaS Pricing Consultancy Gives Away Free Software | Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell | BoS USA 2016

New Blog Post - Talk To Me About....
There's no substitute for talking to people face to face, however good technology is at facilitating communication. Some of the best conversations I have all year take place at BoS events. It's a great atmosphere for sharing advice, problems, and even just shooting the breeze. We always ask people when they register what they want to be talked to about - and this appears on their badges at the event. It's a fascinating peek into the psyche of some of our delegates, with answers raging from "getting people to buy stuff" to "fast cars and music". Check out our latest blog post for a glimpse of some of the sort of conversations we're likely to be having at this year's BoS USA. 

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

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How do you find the closest houses with the same address? A fantastic exploration of public data to answer a questions no one cares about. Except... 4 minute read

WiFi on London Underground. Not just to pass time on a delayed train. The missing data link that could lead to faster travel. 6 minute read

How a fish tank helped hack a casino. Hackers sent 10Gb of data from a US Casino by attacking an Internet connected fish tank. 1 minute read

Why Apple's culture of secrecy fails to stem leaks "Even information about leaks is leaking..." 3 minute read

And finally... We couldn't put our conferences on without the support of our wonderful supporters. Big thanks go to out to our friends at Balsamiq, Pragmatic Marketing, Saasler, Redgate, Groove, InFlow, TriNet, ToTheNew, O'Reilly, and Wistia.

Can't wait to see you if you're coming along, and if you can't make it, follow the conference hashtag #BoS2017. Better still, grab one of the last places before you are just too late.

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