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Last week we heard Evan Spiegel, Snapchat founder and CEO, received $638 million in compensation in 2017. Not bad for a company that lost $720 million in the same period. When Kylie Jenner tweeted last Wednesday to her 24.6 million followers, “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad.”, SnapChat lost $1.3 billion of market cap in 24 hours. While we’re sure not all of the loss in value of the company is down to a single social media influencer, we can’t help thinking that if the valuation of a business can be affected by a single tweet, it might not have a very solid and robust future...

We get more excited by some of the ‘boring’ and ‘predictable’ businesses at Business of Software – from the software that controls nuclear power plants, to compliance solutions, project management tools, server monitoring systems and beyond, you won’t find a lot of spokesmodels tweeting about a lot of the companies that come to Business of Software Conferences. In a way, it’s a shame - the stories and people behind some of these companies are far more interesting in our view. It’s why we do what we do - come and hang with us at a BoS Conference soon.

Here at BoS Towers we've got lots of goodies for you this week, as always. Ready for you this week we've got:

  • Jason Cohen's hangout was pretty epic. On bootstrapping, raising $250 million, culture, personal growth, founder doubt and more.
  • A New Playlist on Product Development Rules
  • A New Podcast - Prof Rita McGrath on disruptive innovation
  • All the Talks from BoS USA 2017
  • An article fro... wait what?

Yes, that's right. All the Talks from BoS USA 2017 can now be yours. Head on down to find out more.

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Why You Should Consider Re-Platforming Your SaaS Online Hangout
Mike McDerment, FreshBooks // 12.00 EST, 19th March

Sense & Respond Online Hangout
Josh Seiden, S&R Press // 12.00 EST, 28th March

Innovation: Catching the Next Wave Online Hangout
Prof Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky // 12.00 EST, 9th April

Why Innovation Must Come From Inside CEO Tales, London, UK
Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group // 18.00-21.00, 25th April

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Hangout Replay with Jason Cohen

Impostor Syndrome | AMA with Jason Cohen | 22 February 2018

Last week we were going to sit down with Jason Cohen (who just closed a $250 million round of funding for WPEngine) and talk about feeling like you've got no idea what you're doing.

It turned out to be a much more wide ranging discussion.

We didn't just cover founder fear and doubt - we also covered:

  • ​Jason's personal perspective on how the rules of business have changed in the 8 years since he founded WPEngine
  • How he started WPEngine as a Bootstrapped business for two years before he took a small investment
  • What "Culture" really is and how some companies have turned it into a meaningless marketing schtick
  • What it was like stepping down as CEO of his company
  • Why the current CEO is as much of an entrepreneur as Jason is

Yep, all that in an hour. It was a seriously good conversation!

Watch the Hangout


Get Early Access To All Talks From BoS Conference USA 2017


You've seen the first talk from BoS USA 2017 - now you can get early access to all of the talks :-)

What a collection of ideas and actionable insights await. You'll learn:

  • Why growth becomes a very wild beast that's always hungry. How can you tame it? (Natalie Nagele, Wildbit)
  • How to identify important tech trends and make them work for you. (Prof Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky, Robots & Pencils)
  • How to manage internal communications as you scale (Chris Savage, Wistia)
  • Why you should turn your "funnel" into a "megaphone" (Seth Godin, Author)
  • How to use old school lessons to write way better copy (Joanna Wiebe, Copy Hackers)
  • How to use your competition as a catalyst for growth (Mike McDerment, FreshBooks)
  • Tactics to ensure you hire the right people (Bridget Harris, YouCanBook.Me)

And so, so much more. I haven't even mentioned Sherry Walling's brilliant talk on avoiding burnout, Anil Dash's inspiring call-to-arms that closed the conference, or the fact that Josh Seiden brought his dog Joey on stage with him. Dogs at BoS!

We will be releasing these talks over the course of the next year, but you can get them all now for $150. Download them, watch them on the go, share them with your team - this is an incredible resource for your personal development.

Take Me To The Talks



Product Development Rules (+ When To Break Them): A BoS Playlist

Product Development is the bread and butter of the SaaS Business. Seeing the seed of your idea grow into something useable and sellable - that's the stuff of dreams. But the road to the sale is filled with Product Development potholes. What are the rules you need to abide by when building a great product?

Included in this playlist are talks from legendary authors Don Norman ('The Design of Everyday Things') and Rich Mironov ('The Art of Product Management') who both gave brilliant talks at BoS on rules for building successful products.

There is a caveat though - important and inviolable as some rules might be, you do need to know when to throw away the book. Scott Eblen (Director of Product Management, Twitter) completes the playlist with some thoughts on when it's best to abandon orthodox product thinking for the sake of the Product.

Get The Playlist Here


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That's all from me for now. Hope you have an excellent week. 

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