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This is the start of a new dawn for Business of Software. Last Friday we moved office, meaning that after 4 years of free bacon and bizarrely named meeting rooms (Snorting Horses, Buenos Aires, and Spiderman to name a few), we've left the Redgate Software building. Redgate have been wonderful friends to us over the years (in fact, BoS was founded by one of the Redgate founders) and great office mates.

Though we'll miss the Redgate building, we're off to pastures new and green at the Bradfield Centre. What they lack in Redgate-ness, they make up in having a lake in the grounds and the fact that dogs are allowed in the office. I see our productivity taking a hit...

Enough tears. Back to the Newsletter. Here's what's coming up today:

  • New Talk from Simon Johnson on scaling abroad
  • New Curated Playlist on Company Culture
  • An episode of a podcast on which I feature to talk about the history of Business of Software, the UK tech scene, and the bootstrap/VC decision.


Talk: Taking On A New Territory - Simon Johnson, Freshworks
Taking On A New Territory - The Key Take Outs | Simon Johnson, Freshdesk | BoS Europe 2017

Establishing a presence in new territories is inevitable for any software business that aims to be a global leader in its field, but often companies underestimate the complexity of the process. It is rarely as simple as opening a sales office in a serviced office and letting the new team get on with it. Simon has experience as an executive charged with developing overseas markets from the UK and as the UK lead of one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world Head Quartered in Chennai. He shares the key take outs he believes are critical to making new offices work effectively and profitably.

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Playlist: How To Build Great Company Culture


Good company culture is more than a ping-pong table or beers on a Friday - it's about creating an environment for your employees to thrive in. But how do you build that? And how do you scale it? This Business of Software Playlist is here to help answer those questions.

Promise Phelon (CEO, TapInfluence) kicks off the playlist by explaining why Perks do not equate to Culture, and then Mikey Trafton (CTO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas) & Alexander Osterwalder (Inventor, Business Model Canvas) give a framework for where to start when thinking about company culture.

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Podcast: The History Of Business of Software

About a month ago I got up very early to speak to someone on the other side of the world about software. It's a Monkey Podcast is run by Kevin Garber, Founder of ManageFlitter, and sadly features no actual monkeys. Instead, it's chock full of tech news and interviews with interesting people.

Sadly, Kevin was unable to book an interesting person for this episode and so got in touch with me. We talked about the history of Business of Software, the UK tech scene, the rise of the 'wanna-preneur', the bootstrapped/VC debate, and, somewhat inevitably Cambridge Analytica.

The interview starts 25 minutes in if you want to hear my dulcet tones.

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