Anil Dash, CEO, Fog Creek to speak at BoS USA, Scholarship Deadline. Prices rise Monday.


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In this week's update, Anil Dash, CEO, Fog Creek Software is now confirmed to speak at Business of Software Conference USA (18-20th September), the schedule is tweaked, scholarship applications and price breaks hit end July 31st (Monday). There's also a great new talk to watch about transitioning from consultancy to product led business.

New Speaker Anil Dash, CEO, Fog Creek talks about evolving a mature software business. Fog Creek, co-founded by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor is the software house behind FogBugz, Stack Overflow and Trello and more. Anil has had an extraordinary career as a serial entrepreneur, activist, blogger and is also the only person on Twitter to have been RTed by Bill Gates and Prince.

Anil became CEO of Fog Creek late last year and will talk about building on the Fog Creek legacy without compromising what matters. How do the best companies in the world plan for the long-term? 

Schedule/Program/Agenda The provisional schedule is up now for the 11th Business of Software Conference USA, 18-20th September in Boston.

Ticket prices rise August 1st so please note you have until Monday to secure your place before you pay more. Please also note that the conference hotel is getting very full so if you are planning on staying at the Seaport using the conference rate, there isn't much time left. On current trajectory, there will be no more rooms available by middle of August.


Workshops BoS workshops help you prioritize and focus your thoughts when you get back into the real world. More here

#BoSBecause Thanks for the interesting responses to the question about why you come to BoS. Amy has pulled some of the answers together here. We'd love to hear your #BoSBecause.

Scholarship Places - don't forget to apply or recommend a friend for a scholarship. Deadline next MONDAY 31st July... With huge thanks to the lovely people at YouCanBookMe and IDR Solutions, we have a few more available so please, spread the word. Tick Tock.

Lightning Talks - Deadline done and we're going through a lot of videos. It is tougher than ever this year to choose. Thank you to all who submitted, we will be notifying all applicants in next week. 

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

NEW VIDEO: Making the Transition from Consulting to Product Led Business
Laura Roeder, CEO & co-Founder of MeetEdgar 

Lessons Learned in 17 Years Building and Exiting a SaaS Company Gail Goodman is epic.
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The Business of Artificial Intelligence. What it can & can't do for your organization. Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew Macafee in Harvard Business Review. Excellent primer. 10 minute read
Coffee, Software and Intimidating Tools sometimes Simple is best. 1 minute read

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