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I know you've received like a billion emails about Black Friday deals so I am going to keep this one super short and sweet:

Do you want to "ship that damn thing" in the new year?

Then prepare to pony up, compadre, because Alex and I have put together an incredible package to help you kick your side project's ass.

The JFS Action Pack Cyber Monday Extravaganza is a crash course in everything you need to design, plan, build, market, ship, and launch your side project in 2018. No fluff. No BS. No kidding!

Seriously, you've gotta click through to see how magnificent this deal is. In typical Amy-goes-overboard fashion (I really can't help myself sometimes), we crammed in 💪 everything 💪  including new, never-before-seen stuff! 

Grab your Action Pack before time runs out! 

BTW: it's less than $100! But only for 72 hours!

Somebody help me, my exclamation key is broken! 



PS: Seriously, I can't seem to stop!
PPS: If you itemize your taxes and do freelancing or other biz activities, you may be able to deduct this deal as a business expense! Yeah! 

PPPS: if you don't want all those amaaaazing goodies, you can pick up your copy of Just F&#!ing Ship for only $5! SLAMMIN!