Last week, I wrote about how user testing can uncover all the reasons why people may be hesitant to work with your company.

User testing generates lots of squishy feedback. Open-ended comments can be harder to process than other types of feedback. I thought I would show you how I handle feedback to identify trends. Patterns and trends are what we want out of testing because they’re what give you confidence that the design changes you make will have a meaningful, positive impact on your business.

The video below shows how I parse the different elements of feedback in a database to identify patterns of feedback for user tests I’ve run on the Super Helpful website.
  Decoding audience feedback

The video ends with some thoughts on how you can apply this same methodology to your business’s online reviews, which is super powerful because it’s a dead-simple way to identify all the things that people love and hate most about your business.

Once you’ve identified trends in public sentiment using online review sites like Yelp and Google, you can:

  • Improve the products and services that people complain about — or get rid of them altogether.
  • Optimize your website and other communication channels to emphasize the products and services people love most.

Most importantly, you can do it with confidence. Activities like these can reduce risk when making decisions about the direction of your business.

This might sound like an obvious way to improve your communications and business offerings, but have you tried it yet? Often it's the most simple ways to improve that are the last ones we take the time to pursue. 

But why is that?

I'll share some thoughts about that next week …

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