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The Business of Software Newsletter returns! After a couple of weeks off, we're back with loads of great content from our 2018 Conferences, and a great offer on tickets for our 2019 Conferences. Read on to find:

  • The slides from BoS USA 2018
  • Wade Foster's talk on running a 160-person fully remote company
  • A 10% Discount for #BoS2019 - if you are quick off the mark

Upcoming Events

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019
11-12 April 2019 // Churchill College, Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference USA 2019
16-18 September 2019 // Seaport World Trade Center, Boston MA


Slides, Highlights, & Notes from #BoS2018


The 12th Annual Business of Software Conference USA took place in Boston, MA, last month – October 1-3. What an incredible few days. A huge thank you to all the speakers and attendees who made it one of the most memorable ever, for all the right reasons.

The Slide Decks from #BoS2018 are available at the link below, along with Notes from attendees, and some other resources - including a 30-minute Switch Interview from Bob Moesta's Workshop.

The talks will be coming over the year - keep opening these emails to be the first to see them.

Slides, Highlights, & Notes from #BoS2018


New Talk: Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams - Wade Foster, Zapier

Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams | Wade Foster, Zapier | BoS Europe 2018

Wade Foster and his co-founder started Zapier (it rhymes with ‘happier’) back in 2011 during a hackathon. Now, the company has over 160 employees and no office. Zapier is a fully-remote company, and has no intention of changing that. Here, Wade shares his processes for running a fully remote organization – how Zapier goes about hiring and onboarding their employees, how they run meetings, and how they work to continuously improve their culture.

Wade’s talk is followed by a mammoth Q&A – full of insights from someone who lives and breathes remote work. Make sure you stay for the whole video.

Watch Wade's Talk


Early Registration Discount for #BoS2019


Tickets for both Business of Software Conferences next year are now on sale. The dates are:

  • BoS Europe: 11-12 April 2019, Cambridge UK
  • BoS USA: 16-18 September 2019, Boston MA

We've extended our 10% off deal - use the code 'BoSRocks' to get 10% off tickets for both you and your colleagues. This code is only valid until Friday 9th November, and this is the best deal you'll get on a #BoS2019 ticket - don't miss out.

BoS Europe 2019       BoS USA 2019


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