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First, huge thanks to all who made BoS Conference Europe so memorable in fabulous London for the first time. We arrived on the day after the terrorist attack on London Bridge. Despite media reports that 'London was reeling', this beautiful city was packed. It took us almost an hour to travel a single mile in the City as the sheer weight of people on the streets out enjoying their days, slowed traffic to a standstill.

While it was business as usual at BoS, we adjusted the agenda on day two in order that we could all share in the 1 minute silence in memory of those who had suffered in the London attack and other acts of terrorism around the world.

Londoners, like most of the humans on the planet, will not let idiots ruin their lives.

From Strategyzer's Alex Osterwalder who opened on Value Proposition Design through to Deliveroo's VP Growth, Vince Darley it was a packed two days of ideas, discussion, Jobs to be Done and bowling. Great people, great insights, and great ideas.

Quote of the conference came from Anders Purde, Head of Marketing at Pipedrive. Expecting to give a Lighting Talk, I asked him with very late notice if he might be prepared to give a longer talk. 

"If you live next to a country run by Vladimir Putin, you are always prepared". He was.

Some highlights and resources below.

* BoS Conference Europe - some of the best bits from BoS Europe - highs and lows - including the Tweet of the Conference (Warning, contains cheese).

* New speakers for BoS USA: Rita Gunther McGrath - Columbia Business School, Michael Sikorsky - Robots and Pencils

Huge thanks to our BoS Europe speakers for sharing the benefit of their experience so frankly with us in Shoreditch last week. If you were there, you know what I mean. First-time delegate Leon Atherton's review gives a good overview.

Speaker slide decks are now online.

We also put together a reading list of books referenced by speakers.How many of these 9 books have you read? Any others you recommend?

If you're browsing Amazon with a view to picking up any of those books, you might also be interested to know that Joel Spolsky's 2010 series "Make Better Software" is available to stream online for Amazon Prime Customers. Episode 6 is largely taken from BoS USA, when Joel spoke on Simplicity vs Value in Software Development.  

Speaking of  BoS USA, we have some new speakers to announce...
Welcome Professor Rita Gunther McGrath who joined us in 2013 to speak about The End of Competitive Advantage. At BoS USA in Boston, she will discuss with Michael Sikorsky, Founder of Robots and Pencils, how companies can use technology inflexion points to destroy competitive advantage. Important information whether you are a big established business with competitive moats or an upstart incumbent out to eat someone's lunch. 

Don't forget to bag your place at BoS USA. 

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We will have more curated content and some news on BoS USA next time. Thanks for reading. Please drop us a line if you want to suggest speakers, hangout topics or participants.

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