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More speakers BoS Europe and BoS USA this week and a reminder that you can join us online today with Scott Berkun, 18.00 GMT, 12.00 PST who will help you to harness the superpower of creativity in your organization. Also, a quick reminder that ticket prices rise next week for both BoS conferences so this week is a great time to make sure you secure your place.


BoS Europe - Jon Reynolds, CEO, Swiftkey. How many people do you know that founded a company fresh out of college then went on to build a business that over 300 million people use every day? Jon Reynolds is the founder CEO of Swiftkey, an almost magical predictive text app that learns your writing style as you type. Even if you don't have the Swiftkey App, you may well be using Swiftkey without realising it - it powers Samsung Swype for example. We will talk with Jon about some of the big lessons he has learned in turning an idea into a business that estimates it has saved its users 100,000 years of typing time on mobile phones. How do you go from two person startup with no money and no network to a company that does business with some of the largest companies on the planet? How do you evaluate the strategic options to continue to scale a business with that sort of customer base and what is life like at Microsoft following Swiftkey's sale last year?

BoS Europe - Jason Eckenroth, Founder, ShipCompliant. If you're thinking about selling your company, don't, seriously, don't, until you have heard from Jason Eckenroth, founder of bootstrapped ShipCompliant. He sold his business for lots of $$$ but in hindsight, he might have done things differently. Expect to learn some of the things that Jason did to build a SaaS business that owned 80% of its market but also a raw and honest appraisal of the reasons he decided to sell his business. Founders rarely talk about the downsides of successful exits.


BoS USA - Joanna Wiebe, Founder, CopyHackers. We LOVE Joanna almost as much as we love great copywriting. This year Joanna is going to share some of the principles used by the greatest copywriters of all time to show you how to write more persuasively. Don't be tempted to write off words as a 'marketing thing'. Words matter. A lot. Not just to persuade people to do your bidding as they visit your website, writing well - clearly and persuasively - will make your life easier. Ever wished you could write better? I know I do.

New Talk Live - Promise Phelon, The Ping Pong Table Fallacy.


A cracking talk from Promise Phelon, CEO of TapInfluence, Promise discusses, among other things, toxic Silicon Valley culture, being black in Boulder, the role of the CEO and why perks are just the tip of the culture iceberg. A great Q&A session too.

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ğŸŽ™ï¸Â 11th April at 17:00 GMT. Scott Berkun, Creative Man in Pants. TODAY!

  • Scott has just published his latest book, The Dance of the Possible, a brilliantly straightforward guide to harnessing creativity in business. He has spoken at BoS USA before having spent a year working at Automattic, the company behind Wordpress who have a completely distributed company - you can watch his talk, The Year Without Pants, here.
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