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Someone I admire a lot recently said to me, "I have great respect for what you have done as an entrepreneur". I winced. And felt slightly less of him. How could someone that smart not see through me?

It's not an unusual feeling but when you've founded, built and sold four successful companies and your latest creation has reached $100 million revenue and just received a $250 million private equity investment, you might be considered a 'success'. So why do founders like this often feel like imposters? We're sharing Jason Cohen's powerful talk from BoS Conference USA with you because he offers an incredibly honest take on impostor syndrome and coping with founder doubt. You can watch the talk below and join Jason online for a Q&A this Thursday (12.00 EST).

Also in this week's catch up. We've got solutions for you today if:

  • You're a Product Manager who needs to be Inspired
  • You want to hear about growth from the founder of a company whose product has over 300 million users
  • You like to learn but have a compulsive need to drive a car or exercise

Upcoming Events

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Online Hangout
Jason Cohen, WP Engine // 12.00 EST, 22nd February

Why You Should Consider Re-Platforming Your SaaS Online Hangout
Mike McDerment, FreshBooks // 12.00 EST, 19th March

Sense & Respond Online Hangout
Josh Seiden, S&R Press // 12.00 EST, 28th March

Innovation: Catching the Next Wave Online Hangout
Prof Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky // 12.00 EST, 9th April

Why Innovation Must Come From Inside CEO Tales, London, UK
Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group.  // 18.00-21.00, 25th April

** Business of Software Conference Europe
London, UK // 21-22nd May --- REGISTER

** Business of Software Conference USA
Boston, MA // 1-3rd October --- REGISTER


CEO Tales: Marty Cagan in London


Product People - be excited.

On 25th April, we're hosting Marty Cagan for an evening in London.

Marty is the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG), and is widely renowned as one of the people to listen to on Product Management.

Great products do not evolve from solely listening to your customers - as Jeff Bezos said, no one asked Amazon to create Prime. Innovation should come from within your company. Marty will be sharing the back stories behind several of the most impressive technology-powered innovations of our time - how they were inspired and especially how they were discovered. You will leave with practical tips on fostering innovation from an expert in tech product management.

Join us from 6pm-9pm on 25th April in London, UK. All attendees will receive a copy of the new edition of Marty's classic book 'Inspired' - a complete re-write and update of his book on creating tech products customers love.

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Impostor Syndrome - Hangout with Jason Cohen


You're an impostor.

You had a good idea one day. Your good idea turned into a great product. Slowly but surely, you gained customers who paid for your product. Then you started employing people. People who looked up to you, trusted you, followed you. You're successful - both the business and you personally.

And yet, there's still that little voice in your head.

You're an impostor. You don't know what you're doing. Everyone's going to realise you have no idea what you're doing and it's all going to fall apart.

Jason Cohen is familiar with these thoughts. Hell, everyone is familiar with these thoughts. If Mike Myers thinks he's not funny enough for SNL, then Lord help the rest of us...

Join us for a hangout with Jason Cohen (Founder, WPEngine) at 12.00 EST on 22nd February. We'll be talking about Impostor Syndrome, Founder Doubt, and how to make good decisions for both you and your company. Even if you can't join live, sign up and we'll send you the replay.

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Jason gave a brilliant talk on this subject at Business of Software Conference USA 2017. Watch that talk here.


New Talk - Starting, Scaling, & Selling SwiftKey

Riding the SwiftKey Rocket Ship from Startup to Acquisition | Jon Reynolds, SwiftKey | BoS Europe 2017

Jon Reynolds founded SwiftKey, the predictive typing app, in 2008 with university friend Ben Medlock. From launch in 2010 to now, SwiftKey has grown to over 300 million daily users. Jon was CEO of the company from its genesis and guided it from humble beginnings, through to selling the business to Microsoft in 2016.

In this fireside chat, Jon tells the story of SwiftKey - its early days in Cambridge, big contracts with Mobile Giants, moving to Silicon Valley, and being acquired by Microsoft. A fascinating story of a vastly successful tech company.

Watch Jon's Talk


BoS Podcast - 2 New Episodes


Did you know that you can download and listen to talks from Business of Software on the go?

Well, you can. And we've got two new episodes ready for you.

In the first episode David Heinemeier Hansson (Creator of Ruby on Rails and Founder/CTO of Basecamp) explains why they rewrote Basecamp for v3, and why that was a positive for their users. Peldi Guilizzoni (Founder, Balsamiq) quizzes him on sunsetting older versions, and why they didn't use any "history-baked code" in v3.

The second episode is all about JTBD. Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek take us through the Jobs To Be Done framework, and then put it into practice - they conduct a live interview to find out why a BoS attendee bought a second hand car. If you're thinking of using JTBD in your business then this practical example is essential listening.

We'll be uploading new episodes of the podcast regularly. You can keep up to date on Soundcloud, iTunes, and TuneIn.

The BoS Podcast is back. Download, Listen, Learn.

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