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We're now back from the 5th Business of Software Europe Conference having had a wonderful time surrounded by brilliant and smart people, talking about the challenges of running and growing a software business. I left surer than ever of the importance of conferences like ours - a time for people to make real connections with peers, a space for founders to share the lessons they've learned in their business with fellow entrepreneurs, and an opportunity to invest in learning. We will be back in Europe again this time next year, that's for sure.

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For now, we're back to normal on the BoS Newsletter. This week we have:

  • Slides and Notes from BoS Europe
  • A speaker announcement for BoS USA
  • A new podcast episode featuring Steli Efti
  • A new talk from Marty Cagan
  • A round-up of interesting tech stuff you might have missed

Read on, Macduff.

Notes, Slides, & Pictures from #BoS2018

You may have missed the conference, but don't worry - there's lots of good stuff from #BoS2018 here for you. The talks will be released over the course of the next year, but for now, here are the slides, notes and some highlights from attendees for you to enjoy.

Slides, Notes, & Pictures from #BoS2018


Mikey Trafton to speak at BoS USA 2018


I'm thrilled to announce that Mikey Trafton will be returning to speak at Business of Software USA this year. Mikey spoke at BoS about culture before it was trendy. His talk, 'How To Build A World Class Culture In 3 Easy Steps', preceded the Netflix culture code and is often cited as one of the most influential and meaningful talks on the topic. He also spoke about 'Recruiting A Badass Team'. This year he'll be picking up from last time and talking about 'How To Manage Your Badass Team'. Click below to find out more about Mikey, and to watch his previous talks at BoS Conferences.

Find out more about Mikey Trafton


New Talk: Marty Cagan on why Customers Are Not The Source Of Innovation
Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled | Marty Cagan | Business of Software

Marty Cagan has worked with some of the biggest tech product companies in the world. He was involved in the early stages of Netscape and eBay, and with SVPG he has worked with teams at Google, Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, Disney, and Amazon - to name just a few household names.

In this talk, Marty hammers home the point that customers are not the source of innovation - it must come from inside your company. Prime and the iPhone would not exist if Amazon and Apple listened to their customers, he argues. Using examples from some of the biggest product companies in the world, Marty shows how using engineers in Product Discovery can lead to innovation in a way that a focus group never could.

Watch Marty's Talk

Marty was in London to launch the second edition of his book, Inspired - How to create tech products customers love. If you read the first edition, go and buy the second - for esoteric reasons, this isn't so much as an update, as a completely new book. The chapters are very short which makes you think you are reading very fast.

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