BoS Schedule, new speakers, Lightning Talk Application Deadline Today. Prices Rise next week.


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We've put the schedule live for BoS Conference USA, more speakers announced, Lightning Talk application deadline today. Scholarship application deadline next week, more workshops, prices rise next week, new videos - there is too much going on. :-)

Schedule/Program/Agenda We didn't know there were so many strongly held views on this one. Anyway, the provisional schedule is now published so you can see what delights are in store for you at the 11th Business of Software Conference USA, 18-20th September in Boston.

Schedule/Program/Agenda Whatever you want to call it, it's up.

New Speaker Chris Savage, CEO & Co-Founder of Wistia will share some of the things that have had to change in his business now it has grown from a small startup to a profitable (non-venture funded), 130+ person video hosting platform.

We're a very happy Wistia customer - here's our 2017 event preview... I would love to know whether this gives a good representation of why people value BoS. We've tried to just let people do the talking an there's nothing like a southern accent.
BoS USA 2017 Preview
You can see all the speakers for this year's conference here.

 we have added an extra one by popular demand - the practical guide to making useful videos. Guess who is running it? The workshops help you prioritize and focus your thoughts when you get back into the real world. More here

Scholarship Places - don't forget to apply or recommend a friend for a scholarship. Deadline next week... Tick Tock.


Lightning Talks - Application Deadline technically today (though we're away over the weekend so you have a little flex, we won't close applications until we're back in the office). Warning, you better be good. There's a lot of talented people out there giving this thought. 


The Job You Want a Conference to Do: We love the Jobs to be done framework and have started making a point of asking people what they want a conference to do.

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Social Media and the Death of Intelligent Debate Ever wondered it social media is a place to change people's opinions? New academic research shows it  probably isn't. Worse, our own little experiment seems to suggest that Twitter and Facebook only lead to hardening people's views.
Lessons Learned in 17 Years Building and Exiting a SaaS Company Gail Goodman is epic.
How to pitch your business. Masterclass in 3 minutes. So much to love - storytelling, personality, understanding the detail. Effortlessness takes huge effort. 5 minute watch
Enterprise SaaS deployment is replicating the bad old days of enterprise software SaaS customization is driving lock-in & enterprises will lose all the benefits of SaaS. 3 minute read
“The rockstar programmer culture isn’t something we buy into.” One Australian tech company is taking some radical steps to address gender inequality. 2 minute read
Robot security guard 'drowns' in office fountain... Too many punchlines for one story. Not many robots have a book of condolence though. 1 minute read
"The company isn't a family." Jason Fried. "The best companies aren’t families. They’re supporters of families. Allies of families." 2 minute read
Rather wonderful. Chindogu: The unuseless inventions of Kenji Kawakami There's a whole set of rules about these inventions that aren't useful but aren't completely useless 5 minute read
Dharmesh Shah on a decade of learnings at Hubspot. Dharmesh, Hubspot, Ten Years. Watch this new talk from last year's BoS USA.

By the way, we updated our FAQ pages. Did we miss anything?
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