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As the group Europe appropriately sang, "It's the final countdown". BoS Europe is upon us - delegate badges have gone to print, goody bags are being packed and checklists are being checked. We can't wait. If you want to join us, we've still got a few "on the door tickets", but not many. Speakers include Alex Osterwalder, who has also made it into this week's news round-up below, with a great blog post on business models. 


BoS Europe is held in Shoreditch this year, home of many trendy hipsters. That's not why we selected the venue, but it's provided some interesting observations about what makes a trend. We've passed "peak beard" but ankle-skimming trousers are still very much "in". Likewise, fidget spinners have become the "must-have" fad on both side of the Atlantic. Where do these trends come from? What decides what the next "thing" will be? 

Eva Pascoe on Trend Spotting

Musing on this brought to mind Eva Pascoe's (Director of Ecommerce, The Retail Practice)  talk on "Making Trend Spotting Help Your Future Business". It's easy to spot a trend, but how do you capitalise on it? Some great insights you can apply to many areas of business in this talk.

The customer ultimately decides which trends succeed and which fail. Google was a "trendy" search engine for a while, offering a simpler view than the content-heavy AOL and Yahoo models. Having thrived and survived for 19 years and counting, it's passed out of the "trend" phase and into something more enduring. What Google did well was understand what it's customers (using the term loosely, as Google didn't have a product to sell, as such) wanted, and delivered that better than anyone else. 

David Cancel on Building Customer Driven Product Teams

David Cancel's talk from last year on Building Customer Driven Product Teams is a helpful look at how customer focus can be embedded in teams - and why it's not all about an Agile approach. 

We'd like to think we have a customer driven approach at BoS, but the great test of that is what your customers say. We'll be gathering in feedback after BoS Europe to help shape our future events and make sure we're consistently delivering the stand-out events you expect.

BoS USA is looming on the horizon, as is the Internet of Things Forum later this year, and we look forward to sharing the outputs from BoS Europe and telling you more about our upcoming events in the coming months.  

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