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Today: BoS Europe schedule, new speakers, a great new book and a chance to ask Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, about how he runs his 200 person fully-remote company. Read on dear friend.

If you're following me on Twitter you'll have seen me be very excited about one of our new speakers for BoS Europe. I'm honoured to announce that Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley CH will be speaking at BoS Europe this April in Cambridge. If you don't know why that's exciting, you can read why below.

Today we also have the schedule for Business of Software Conference Europe 2019, April 11-12 in Cambridge, England. I love it when a plan comes together like this. You can check it out below, along with:

  • New Video from BoS USA 2018 featuring Tania Katan
  • Details of next week's Remote Working Hangout with Wade Foster (Founder/CEO, Zapier)
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Upcoming Events

***NEXT WEEK*** Q&A with Wade Foster - How To Make Remote Working Work
Wednesday 6th March 2019 // Online & Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019

11-12 April 2019 // Churchill College, Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference USA 2019
16-18 September 2019 // Seaport World Trade Center, Boston MA


BoS Europe Schedule Announced


The Schedule for Business of Software Conference Europe is now live. You can now see what's planned for the 11-12 April at Churchill College.

That also means we've got 2 more speakers to announce. And let's be clear, these are 2 pretty incredible speakers... including the first time a 'Companion of Honour' has appeared on the BoS Stage.

1 // New Ways Of Working: 50 Years Ahead Of Their Time - Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley CH

Where to begin... This is truly an exciting moment for us. Dame Stephanie was born to a Jewish family in Germany in 1933 amidst the rise of the Nazi party. In 1939 she came to England aged 6 as an unaccompanied child refugee on the Kindertransport. Through school she developed a love of maths and science, which led her to a career in computing. In 1962 she founded 'Freelance Programmers' with a total of £6 in capital. It was an all-female, remote working company founded 30 years before the internet. After her company was acquired, it was valued at $3bn. Dame Stephanie will be speaking about some of the lessons she’s learned, often the hard way, in starting, building, growing and exiting one of Europe’s most successful companies.

You'll learn: why some of her core values - trust, a belief in strong culture, valuing outputs over inputs, a sense of values and determination - are as critical to building a successful business today as they were in the jet age.

2 // Growing Sales In A SaaS Business Across New Territories - John Snyder

John Snyder was CEO (until his exit to Oracle last year) and Co-Founder of Grapeshot - a global leader in contextual intelligence with 11 offices in Europe, America, and Asia. It all started rather humbly in a small office overlooking King’s Parade, right at the heart of the Cambridge tech cluster, but John decided early on that his business had to have a global vision from the outset. He will describe entering new markets with a relatively limited supply of capital which meant every new move could have been very costly. 

You'll learn: the importance of focusing on company culture when moving into new markets.

So, here are the 13 speakers for BoS Conference Europe 2019:

  • Derek Sivers - Founder, CD Baby
  • Randy Silver - Director of Insider Insights, Motivate Design
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley CH - Founder, Freelance Programmers
  • John Snyder - Founder/CEO, Grapeshot
  • Francesco D'Alessio - Host, Keep Productive
  • Elpie Bannister - Director of Talent, Simprints
  • Alex Yang - VP of Engineering, Simprints
  • Amir Salihefendić - Founder/CEO, Doist
  • Sarah McVittie - Founder/CEO, Dressipi
  • Gareth Marlow - Founder, eqsystems
  • Mat Clayton - Founder/CTO, Mixcloud
  • Claire Lew - CEO, Know Your Team
  • Paul Kenny - Founder, OceanLearning

We hope you agree that this year's BoS Conference is looking like an absolute cracker. You can expect a couple more surprises to be announced very soon. There'll be loads on scaling product, scaling teams, scaling leadership, and more - if you're looking to grow your business effectively and sustainably, make this the conference you attend this year. Accommodation is running out, so now is the time to save your place.

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New Talk: Creative Trespassing - Tania Katan

Creative Trespassing: How to Sneak More Imagination Into Your Work & Get More Done | Tania Katan, Creative Trespassing | BoS USA 2018

After years of smuggling creativity into the corporate sector without getting busted, Tania has learned that we don’t need to be in a job that is distinctly creative in order to be distinctly creative in our job. In fact, no matter how tedious the task, or how buttoned-up the office environment, we can all learn to conjure imagination anywhere, anytime.

How? By choosing to stand out rather than fit in.

Full of hilarious stories, wacky, battle-tested exercises for flexing your creative muscles you'll learn tools and strategies for taking more creative risks, leading with more imagination, facing fears and embracing obstacles as an opportunity to accelerate growth, and the ability to find inspiration where others see only limitations. This talk was based on Tania's new book, which is out now and comes thoroughly recommended. She's also on tour currently, and would love to see any familiar BoS faces - why not go and say hello?

Watch Tania's Talk


Q&A with Wade Foster - 6th March


Wade Foster and his co-founder started Zapier (it rhymes with ‘happier’) back in 2011 during a hackathon. Now, the company has over 200 employees and no office. Zapier is a fully-remote company, and has no intention of changing that.

Join us on Wednesday 6th March for an online hangout where Wade will share his processes for running a fully remote organization – how Zapier goes about hiring and onboarding their employees, how they run meetings, and how they work to continuously improve their culture.

The Q&A will also be shown live in The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge UK, preceded by a screening of Wade’s talk from BoS Europe 2018.

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PS - We're going to be running more local events in Cambridge & London UK over the next year. If you're interested to hear about those events, click here and we'll be in touch.


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That's all for now. Don't forget to view the full schedule for BoS Conference Europe and book your accommodation now to get the best rates.

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