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It's now officially less than 2 months from Business of Software Conference Europe, and we have more new speaker announcements for you. Scroll down to find out who'll be talking about Product-Driven Marketing and Rules for Scaling Sales Teams.

Tomorrow we're hosting a Hangout with Josh Seiden, co-author of Sense & Respond and Lean UX. As well as those books, Josh is author of one of my favourite ever moments at BoS Conference - when his dog joined him on stage. That's probably not going to get you to join the Hangout, but it made me happy.

Upcoming Events

**TOMORROW** Sense & Respond Online Hangout
Josh Seiden, S&R Press // 12.00 ET, 27th March

Innovation: Catching the Next Wave Online Hangout
Prof Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky // 12.00 ET, 9th April

** Why Innovation Must Come From Inside CEO Tales, London, UK
Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group // 18.00-21.00, 25th April

** Business of Software Conference Europe
London, UK // 21-22nd May --- REGISTER

** Business of Software Conference USA
Boston, MA // 1-3rd October --- REGISTER


Last Week for Conference Hotel Rate and Ticket Prices Rise April 1st


You know I hate sales-y messaging. But here it is, in bold...

If you're planning on coming to Business of Software Conference Europe, book now.

Ticket prices rise on April 1st (no, not an elaborately planned joke). You're going to save a heck of a lot if you book this week - not just on the ticket price, but also on hotel rooms. Our greatly reduced BoS Conference rate at The Montcalm is only valid until April 1st too. If you don't book this week, you'll be paying London prices + the 'added value' of being in London over the Royal Wedding weekend.

I'm genuinely excited about the sessions this year - You can see them all here (2 left to announce). We pride ourselves on only putting speakers on stage who we think are brilliant teachers, excellent storytellers, and authoritative leaders - this conference is no different. 

Joel Spolsky once said of BoS: “every speaker would be a headline keynote at most other conferences”. He's not wrong.

I Want To Save My Place


BoS Europe - Product-Driven Marketing & Scaling Sales


2 more fascinating speakers joined our line-up for BoS Conference Europe this week. These sessions are specifically designed to help give you some ideas and strategies that will grow revenue, but not necessarily in the expected ways.

When Nilan Peiris joined TransferWise, they were a scrappy startup. Last week they announced they now employee 1,000 people. TransferWise's story is not one of scaling the business by increasing the marketing budget - 80% of their customers come through word of mouth. Nilan will speak about Building a High-Growth Startup Sustainably.

Regular BoS attendees will recognise the name Stephen Allott. He's returning to BoS Conference Europe to speak about Rules and Tools for Scaling Software Sales. The subscription pattern of SaaS sales has a different dynamic to selling Enterprise Software. Stephen will highlight the key success factors for SaaS sales, the tools that effective sales professionals use and how to use them to maximum effect.

We have 2 more sessions to add to the schedule - check your inbox over the coming weeks to see which well-watched BoS speaker will return to Europe in 2018.

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New Video: Rita Gunther McGrath & Michael Sikorsky
Software Driven Inflection Points | Rita Gunther McGrath (Author) & Michael Sikorsky (Robots & Pencils) | BoS USA 2017

In a 2008 interview, former co-CEO of Blackberry Jim Balsillie admitted that he wasn't interested in the company doing anything other than what they were currently doing - making the Blackberry. What a mistake. Blackberry missed the inflection point - the moment when the market significantly changed and Blackberry's competitive advantage became no longer sustainable (the introduction of the iPhone).

So if competitive advantage is no longer sustainable, how do you stay ahead of the game? How do you prepare for an inflection point? Last year at BoS Conference USA Rita Gunther McGrath and Michael Sikorsky gave a fantastic talk about how emerging business models drive growth. It also features Dollar Shave Club, Yaks, and a rubber chicken. Go on.

Watch Rita & Michael's Talk Here 


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See you at our Hangout with Josh Seiden tomorrow.

Remember - save your place for Business of Software Conference Europe before April 1st to get the best deal. Don't take our word for it though:

"Simply the best software conference" - Tobias Lütke, Founder of Shopify

I reckon he knows what he's talking about.

See you there,
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