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Taking “Tech Opinions” into Account:
Building the Back End Before the Front End

By David Angradi, Executive Vice President,
Sales, Coda Global

Before we begin the process of developing a new killer app for a client, there is often a lot of back-end work that must happen first. One of the first key details for a project kickoff is to figure out how to incorporate the client’s technology opinions into the mix. Coda has pre-selected a set of the most common technologies that we recommend – our own technology opinion set – that we are experts in applying to accomplish client builds. The heavy lifting we often undertake is to combine all the perspectives and tools necessary to build the underlying environment needed for success. [Read More

Here is what we’re thinking about at Coda Global and some of our recent announcements and innovations.

Get DevOptimized: Five Lessons on Modernizing Apps and Infrastructure for Today’s Cloud-Native Environment

It doesn’t matter where you start your cloud transformation journey – or where you are now along the path. What matters is whether you reach your intended destination. To help, we’ve created a useful eBook of articles that showcase our top AppDev experts’ thoughts and best practices for modernizing applications and infrastructure to take full advantage of today’s cloud-native environments. [Read More]

AI for the Real World: How Hyper-Intelligent Apps Learn 

The use cases for AI are still being understood. Even so, organizations are rushing to be among the first to build an “intelligent” solution before fully understanding how a solution becomes intelligent. We spend a great deal of time helping customers understand what an AI solution is and what it is not. This has enabled us to meet unique and specific customer requirements when it comes to AppDev and AI. [Read More]

Rescuing a Failing DevOps Initiative

For DevOps to work, it often must be the solution of either first or last resort for an organization. It isn’t the answer to a short-term problem, but rather the beginning of a journey to a viable revenue model for the future, or a solution to a difficult problem from the past. It’s relatively easy to predict failure for a DevOps initiative based on two key indicators: lack of structure in the expected outcome, and a team or company culture that is too risk-averse to allow for change.  [Read More]

Announcements & Innovations

We believe in Continuous Innovation in our own organization and the solutions we deliver. Here are a few of our recent innovations:

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