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Human beings, their thoughts, feelings, motivations (conscious and subconscious) are complex things. Far more complex than any software system. That's one of the reasons running a software business can be so hard.

When Neil Davidson set up Business of Software, 11 years ago, he wanted it to help people who were great at software, but found themselves in the relatively unknown territory that comes with managing the growth of a business. As well as managing your culture, your team and your finances, it's important to manage your own mental well-being, in order to be effective in your business and to meet your own fundamental needs as a human. Ignore at your peril. 

In exactly one month from the moment we press send on this update, Jason Cohen will be opening BoS USA with his talk, "healthier mind for a healthier business", and that topic prompted an interesting exchange on Twitter this week. How do we bridge the gap in perception between what it is to be "human" and the seemingly impersonal world of "business"? Natalie Nagele's talk on keeping the fun in your business is a good starting point. (If you've not got your ticket for BoS USA, do hurry - there's not much time left to get the August rate). 

Past talks from BoS which provide more food for thought on this topic include:

Get more BoS, up close and personal, by joining us in Boston from Sept 18-20 - one month to go today.


Summer reading list: We asked this year's BoS USA speakers what book had the most influence on their lives - some interesting responses, some famous and some less famous feature. Read more on our blog. Before you click, what book has had the biggest impact on you? Why? We will feature a few in another blog post.

New video: SaaS Metrics - Are you Measuring the right Things?
Patrick Campbell of PriceIntelligently argues that SaaS companies focus too much on user acquisition and not enough on monetization and retention. Some great data to back u too.


Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Malicious code inserted in DNA, infects computer that reads it. Biologists and security researchers work together and scary things happen. 2 minute read.

Benchmark Capital sues Uber founder Travis Kalanick for fraud Very rare for VCs to sue the founder of their largest investment. Things could get messier.  2 minute read

That memo:  Cynthia Lee "ladysplains" the Google memo.  4 minute read

Comparing the Elliottt 405 with Raspberry Pi Zero 60 years of computing evolution. 1 minute read

Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon Whether Russia is behind this or not, it's a good reminder that we're very reliant on technology today. 2 minute read

Musk's OpenAI project beats human Dota 2 players Elon Musk says chillax about nuclear war: the AI bots will get us first. l 2 minute read

The Office according to The Office. Brilliant treatise. Why Ricky Gervais proves most management theories are wrong.  15 minute read

Hope to see you in Boston. Please let us know if you have any questions about coming along - we will always help if we can.

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