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It's day two of our JFS Action Package Extravaganza!

Today my biz-partner Alex is sharing one of our hardest-learned lessons about why people struggle...and how you can kill that struggle at the root. 

Read on belowwwwww...


The fact that people struggle isn't all that surprising. It's the ways that people struggle

Through 7 years of teaching our courses and workshops - especially our flagship 30x500 - Amy and I have earned unique lens into the surprising ways that 1000+ professional creatives struggle...and the one thing that consistently helped them move forward. 

It started when we noticed our earliest 30x500 students avoiding assignments. They'd fall behind. They'd self-flagellate. Rinse, repeat.

Over and over, we saw students:
  • read the lessons and emails, but they not really study
  • skip lessons, often thinking "i don't need this"
  • believe their fears and anxieties, and stop dead i their tracks
  • find distractions when things got tough or confusing
  • get excited, and then drop off
We tried warning people that these mistakes were common, and avoidable. But for many, that just worried them more. 

Finally, after months of observation and research, we discovered the single common cause of nearly every struggle our students had:

Their habits. 

You see, many people have been groomed by their personal and professional lives to go in one direction. And like it or not, creative people are no exception.
  • Our students would see ideas they thought they understood and a habit would kick in. They'd skim instead of study. 
  • Our students would start feeling anxious when they tried something new and a habit would kick in. They'd avoid trying for fear of "doing it wrong."
  • Our students would get a burst of creative inspiration and a habit would kick in. They'd put the unsexy research aside to start building.
The problem was that our lessons attempt to reverse the direction without first altering these underlying habits.  

So we turned to research. Like we do!

Amy's found materials, research, and techniques from habit experts like BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg.
Then, we took these ideas back to the lab and created into a new "mini-course" for our students to take before they ever touched a page of the core 30x500 material. 

And for the first time, we saw a dramatic increase in results. 

Looking back over the last 7 years of teaching, there's only one thing that consistently turns struggle into success. It's almost like a light switch. 
And that's when people take control of their habits. 

So we're bringing habits back, y'all!

If you take a peek at the Just F#&!ing Ship ULTIMATE bundle we launched yesterday, and you'll find two products entirely focused on helping you build better business habits. 
  • BONUS #11: Flip the Bit! Your Guide to Creating Successful Habits That Stick 
  • BONUS #13: Stay on track and build the JFS habits with three free months of Sweep
Both of these products are new...so lemme tell you a little bit about 'em. 

First up, Flip the Bit!

Now you can get the same outcome-boosting practice that has helped TONS of 30x500 alumni. 

We created a brand new guide titled Flip the Bit. It contains step-by-step instructions, two video lessons, and three simple but extremely effective exercises to help you practice spotting your most struggle-ful habits and change them into positive, successful habits!

One of the other keys to creating and changing habits is repetition.

But filling up your calendar or todo lists with recurring tasks is messy and wayyy too easy to ignore.
What happens when you get a reminder and can't do that thing just yet? Do you just dismiss it and wait until the next time it comes up?
And how many times do you do that before you just stop paying attention to the notification?

That's where Sweep comes in.

This new SaaS is unlike any other task management tool...and not just because Amy designed it. Sweep is specifically designed to help us put our recurring tasks on autopilot, and taking the brain-work out of remembering things that you need to do on a regular interval.

Which makes Sweep perfect for helping you stay on track while you're building your best habits. THAT is why our Ultimate JFS bundle includs three months free to get your started!

You have 1 day and 6 hours left to grab these two habit-changing bonuses, along with 11 others, for a ridiculous 73% off

Grab your JFS Ultimate Action Pack $367 worth of goodies for just $99

This habit changing bundle expires at 12pm Eastern on Wednesday, so don't leave it open in a tab just to forget about it! 

Yep, we've seen that habit too :)