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Happy Friday. A busy week at BoS Towers as we prepare for our next event, Eric Ries will join us for an evening event in London to launch his new book, 'The Startup Way', 6-9pm, November 15th. Today, we're looking at some of the people who have shaped Eric's ideas over the years as well as sharing some new talks and notes from this year's BoS USA.


Eric Ries, London, 6-9pm, 15th November

Eric Ries publishes his new book 'The Startup Way' next Tuesday in the US.

We're hosting an evening with Eric in London, 6-9pm, 15th November, to celebrate. Expect smart people, quality networking, a talk from Eric and a chance to ask him your own questions. All attendees will receive a copy of the book too. If you can't make it, please feel free to invite a colleague. By the way, if you would like to support the event and raise your profile with 500 or so of the smartest people in tech, get in touch. We can talk. 

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

Scott Berkun spoke this year at BoS USA about the origin of ideas and why very few inventions are completely new.

To celebrate the release of 'The Startup Way', we've put together a list of talks from BoS conferences by people who Eric has cited as helping to form his Lean Startup methodology. The list includes fantastic talks from Rita Gunther McGrathAlex OsterwalderClay Christensen, and many more. Take a look:
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BoS USA Round Up, Pt 2

Don't forget the BoS Round Up blog, which has links to slide decks, collaborative notes, and other blog posts from the event. And if you have anything from the conference you want to share, be sure to let us know.
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"There are other people like you - it's not all Silicon Valley"


BoS newbies Alli Blum and LIanna Patch arrived in Boston last month with a plan - to hijack speakers and ask them three simple questions. 

We lent them the camera crew. Some interesting interviews with (among others) Jason Cohen, Brennan DunnPeldi Guilizzoni, and Joanna Wiebe. One consistent theme that came through was that BoS people are not the 'Silicon Valley crowd', and that is more than OK.
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New Talks


Since we're in Lean mode here at BoS Towers, here's a bit of a double header for you - a BoS Talk and an AMA from LeanStack Founder & CEO, Ash Maurya. Ash gave this great talk about Scaling Lean at last year's USA conference, and you can finally watch it now.

Watch Ash's talk and AMA here

Missed any of our videos? Here are 3 of our latest:

Scaling to a Billion and Beyond | Zack Urlocker, Duo Security | BoS USA 2016
What Do We Need to Know About AI? | Jana Eggers, NaraLogics | BoS USA 2016
Should We Be Worried About AI and Machine Learning? | Azeem Azhar, Schibsted Media | BoS Europe 2016

Thanks for reading. I hope we will catch up with some of you in London on November 15th for Eric Ries. Have a great weekend.

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