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No time for pfaffing around today.

I come bearing news of speakers for both Business of Software 2018 Conferences. Business of Software Conferences are different. Single track, no panels, no pitches. Just smart people talking about building great software and businesses. Sound like your kind of thing?

This also means, the 'book before the speakers' rate is almost over...

Ticket prices will increase on Friday 2nd February by £100/$100.

So last chance to save your place at the best rate.

Europe tickets are currently £595.
tickets are currently $1,500.

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Speakers: Europe 2018


We are thrilled to be welcoming Alison Coward to speak at Business of Software Europe 2018. Alison helps creative teams improve collaboration so they produce better and more effective ideas. She will be discussing how to build high performance teams. 

We're also welcoming back Bill Janeway and Tim Barker

Bill, the founder of Warburg Pincus tech and now academic, spoke back in 2015 about 'Productive Bubbles'. This year, he will discuss how once upon a time - some thirty years - making money in enterprise software was relatively easy. This is no longer true, and the enterprise is missing out as a result. What’s an entrepreneur or VC to do?

Tim, who spoke about 'The 5 Habits of Highly Successful SaaS Companies' in 2014, is now the CEO of DataSift, an independent provider of social data. Tim was a product person then CMO for Salesforce EMEA when it was starting up. He joined DataSift as their Chief Product person before assuming the role of CEO. He will be talking about managing through hard times...

There are plenty more to come. Click below to find out more about Business of Software Conference Europe 2018 and save your place before prices rise on Friday:

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Speakers: USA 2018


Jared is the Founder of User Interface Engineering (UIE), a research, training, and consulting firm specializing in website and product usability. He recently co-founded Center Centre, a school which is developing the next generation of industry-ready UX Designers. He will be talking about measuring the value of design in software.

Tickets for Business of Software Conference USA 2018 are on sale now - save your spot before Friday to ensure you get the best rate:

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Founders - You Should Watch This


If you're thinking about selling your company, don't, seriously, don't, until you have heard from Jason Eckenroth, founder of bootstrapped ShipCompliant. He sold his business successfully but in hindsight, he might have done things differently. He spoke at BoS Europe 2017 on this subject - you can watch that talk here.

Bring your questions and join us for a Hangout with Jason Eckenroth tomorrow - Wednesday 31st January, 3pm GMT.

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Enjoy the week ahead - make sure you save your place for either Business of Software Conference by Friday to get the best rate.

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