Seth Godin congratulates Jason Cohen on his opening keynote at #BoS2017

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Wow. Even with the threat of hurricanes hitting the east coast as we closed the 11th BoS USA, we will remember BoS 2017 for good reasons. The picture in the headers was one of my favorite moments of the conference - Seth Godin rushed on stage after Jason Cohen's opening keynote to congratulate him on a brilliant talk. (What did he expect at BoS but I must admit it felt great that someone of Seth's calibre and reputation was so engaged with the other fabulous speakers).

Thank you to all the attendees, volunteers, sponsors, speakers and everyone who followed along on social media for making #BoS2017 such a memorable and positive experience.

If you missed out - we're sharing some of the material - notes, speakers slides, pictures etc - here so you can catch up etc...

#BoS2017 Round Up

One of the big themes that came out of the event was that of sustainability and pace. No one can operate at 100% all the time and many of the talks touched on ideas to help yourself and the people you work with, to be more conscious of overworking, burnout and the resulting collapse in team morale.
  1. Notes Blog: Collected thoughts and pictures from the conference. Notes on the talks and various bits of interesting content including:
    1. Slide Decks - Most of the slide decks are now available. The final few will become available in the coming weeks.
    2. Collaborative Notes - The good people of BoS worked together to get you the most important nuggets from all of our speakers. Find out what we all heard
    3. Sketch Notes - Some of the attendees did some pretty amazing sketch notes which are well worth viewing.
    4. Photos - Excellent photos from the event. Inevitably, our favorite  involves a performing dog, Joey.
    5. Blog Posts - Including posts from Mark Stephens (CEO of IDR Solutions) & Scott Berkun (#BoS2017 speaker).
    6. If you attended and haven't done so yet, please pass on your notes if you would like us to highlight and share.
  2. Feedback from #BoS2017: We've had some great feedback from delegates, some more useful than others... The event had a Net Promoter Score of 82
  3. Design Origami Video: We went to the Design Origami Workshop where TietoCorp were walking us through the journey from office to BoS. We took a little video so you can see what we got up to there.

What is Next?

Eric Ries in London

ImageWe're thrilled to be welcoming Eric Ries back to London, November 15th. You're probably already familiar with Eric, who spoke at BoS USA 2010 and wrote 'The Lean Startup'.

This time around we're running the London launch for Eric's new book, 'The Startup Way'. A ticket gets you into a talk from Eric, a Q&A session in which you can ask him your burning question on Lean Startup methodology, a FREE COPY of 'The Startup Way', and time to network with some of the UK's brightest entrepreneurs (last time over 400 organizations attended the event).

The event will take place from 6-9pm on Wednesday 15th November in Westminster, Central London. Trust us, you do not want to miss this.

Save your place at Eric Ries in London here.


New Video

This week we're back at the 10th BoS USA with a talk from the COO of Duo Security, Zack Urlocker. He asks the question - 'Are you a disrupter? Or are you being disrupted?'. An exceptional talk from someone with exceptional authority on scaling a Saas business:

Scaling to a Billion and Beyond | Zack Urlocker, Duo Security



Missed any of our videos? Here are 3 of our latest:

What Do We Need to Know About AI? | Jana Eggers, NaraLogics | BoS USA 2016
Should We Be Worried About AI and Machine Learning? | Azeem Azhar, Schibsted Media | BoS Europe 2016
The Lost Art of Meaningful Content
| Dave Collins, Software Promotions | BoS USA 2016

And finally... Thank you to our amazing sponsors. Without them, the conference does not run. Thank you so much Balsamiq, Pragmatic Marketing, Saasler, Redgate, Groove, InFlow, TriNet, ToTheNew, O'Reilly, and Wistia.

Thanks for reading down this far. :-) Hope to see you in London next month.

Mark Littlewood
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