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We try to give you great content in our newsletter as well as finding ways to focus minds on making the leap to saving your place at one of our conferences. It's always a balance for us. To be honest, we look at some of the things that hit our inbox and think, should we be more aggressive with our marketing - it must be working for X? I'm sure this isn't just a conference organizer thing, bet you probably think the same about your business?

When I got 4 emails in a single day from another event with different click-baity subject headings, unmissable deadlines etc etc, it made me realize that this sort of approach just wouldn't work for us. Even though I subscribe to some things for professional reasons, I think they suck. And the messages are just noise.

More on this lower down in this week's new BoS video, Dave Collins, The Lost Art of Meaningful Content. 

With that being said, let's get this out the way up front - brace yourself: 

AWOOGA! SHAMELESS SALES KLAXON: BoS USA is just over a week away. If you're wrestling with the decision to invest in yourself and your company, think about the value you'll take away, think about what you could learn from spending time with people like this, not just when they speak, but over the course of the event. Consider what you would need to be able to show a return on that investment in you.

Now here's the thing. Our nice supporters, Software Promotions, offered to support some 'assisted places'. We already have some amazing scholars coming this year but they wanted to do something for some more established attendees who could do with a helping hand. We've agreed to make 10 places available on a first-come, first-served basis with a $300 discount on current ticket price. GRAB A PLACE NOW. WHEN THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE.

Okay, now what can we share with you this week to help you build a better software business? How about:

A new video: The Lost Art of Meaningful Content
Dave Collins explains:
- why you should kill your content calendar
- why it's ixnay to moderation
- why you should avoid, not ride, big waves

Also features a terrifying penguin:


* Collaborative notes from BoS 2016

You may have missed this first time round, but Jonathan Prisant (and friends) put together a fantastic set of collaborative notes from last year's BoS USA. Heaps of useful information to refresh your memory or pique your interest: 3 days of BoS potted into 13 pages - features Gail Goodman, Promise Phelon, Dharmesh Shah and all the other talks of last year.

Also, just a reminder that, if you've not been to BoS before, it really is a different kind of event, with an atmosphere unlike any other. That's what our delegates tell us, and if you want to know more about why people come, check out what they tell us in our blog here.

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Why WeWork thinks it's worth $20billion Mmmm. Co-working, customers, community operations and shedloads of ambition. 6 minute read

How to find the perfect Co-Founder Could you find your co-founder at BoS....? 4 minute read

Why Seer's founder turned down 8 figure deal Wil Reynold's on life-changing amounts of money vs "enough". 12 minute read

Bootstrapping a Saas Company from scratch, solo "If you love writing code, you're going to hate running a Saas business". Or as Peldi would say "coding is the easy part". 14 minute read

Voyager is still transmitting data, 40 years and >10 BILLION miles away. Mind boggling. How many things had to be just right for this to work?2 minute read

To understand rising inequality, consider two janitors at two top tech companies Fascinating comparison between Apple & Kodak that should provide food for thought. (Not just that Kodak was once a top tech company.12 minute read

The end of Yellow Pages. Nothing is forever. Talking of once great companies... 1 minute read

What, you want more? Don't forget you can see all our past videos online at any time here - and we don't make you register or jump through hoops to get to them.

The three most recently published talks include:

Why a SaaS Pricing Consultancy Gives Away Free Software | Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell | BoS USA 2016

Your Company Should be Your Best Product | Jason Fried, Basecamp | BoS USA 2016

Switching from Consulting to a Product Led Business | Laura Roeder, MeetEdgar | BoS USA 2016

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FINALLY Don't forget, book your assisted place today before someone else snags it.


The countdown is on for BoS USA 2017, and we can't wait. Hope to see you there.

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