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"I am internet sensation and teen heartthrob Jared Spool" - so began Jared Spool's 2018 BoS USA talk. He very much started as he meant to go on... Hilarious and full of perspective-changing comments on how to use data effectively, his talk is featured down below and is well worth your time. We're also hosting an online hangout with Jared next Thursday (14th February) - see below for details on how to join us online or or join us for some networking at our offices in Cambridge where you'll be able to enjoy Jared on the big screen as nature intended, with drinks and nibbles in our lovely auditorium.

Read on for all that, plus 2 new speakers for BoS Europe, which is now only 2 months away.

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Upcoming Events

***NEXT WEEK*** Hangout with Jared Spool - Design Metrics That Matter
Thursday 14 February 2019 // Online & Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019

11-12 April 2019 // Churchill College, Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference USA 2019
16-18 September 2019 // Seaport World Trade Center, Boston MA


New Talk: Design Metrics That Matter - Jared Spool

Design Metrics That Matter | Jared Spool, UIE | BoS USA 2018

Time for another talk from BoS USA 2018. Design is a process where you finely tune your intuition to create great user experiences. Yet, sometimes, what you think is best rivals the metrics. What do you believe – your gut or the data? Jared Spool gave a fantastic talk at #BoS2018 about the importance of understanding the metrics you're tracking. Click below to watch the video, and read on to learn about our online Q&A with Jared next week.

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Q&A with Jared Spool - 14th February


Jared Spool will also be joining us for a Hangout on Thursday 14th February. You can register to join us either online, or join us at our office in the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge UK. The online Q&A will begin at 12:30pm ET/5:30pm GMT, and will be preceded at The Bradfield Centre by a screening of Jared's talk. You can register for the hangout below - both online and in Cambridge UK.

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PS - We're going to be running more local events in Cambridge & London UK over the next year. If you're interested to hear about those events, click here and we'll be in touch.

2 New Speakers For BoS Europe 2019

The BoS Europe speaker list is now nearly full. Very excited to announce 2 more fantastic new speakers here - Randy Silver & Francesco D'Alessio. Here's what they'll be speaking on at BoS Europe this April in Cambridge:

1  // Here Be Dragons: Product, Discovery & How Not To Mess Up - Randy Silver

Randy Silver has over 20 years' experience as a product manager & interactive producer - notably launching Amazon’s music stores in the US and UK. In firm after firm, Randy has seen the same problems crop up – prioritising the wrong things and not understanding your customers' real problems. Then he discovered a new technique that generates genuine insight in as little as two weeks. Instead of wondering if you’re committing your teams to solving the right problems, the Insider Insight methodology ensures that you’re asking the right questions.

You'll learn: why the discovery process is broken – but also how you can employ a new approach to fix it that will complement your existing practices.

2 // Avoiding The Perennial Problems With Productivity Tools - Francesco D'Alessio

Francesco D’Alessio is a freelancer, creator, and host of Keep Productive, a weekly YouTube channel and blog where he assists people in finding the perfect productivity software for work and life. People often become less productive as they adopt new apps and tools that don’t fit with their individual work styles, work flows and habits. Few people know their way around the productivity software market like Francesco, and at BoS he'll be helping you think about how to pick software to improve your productivity.

You'll learn: a simple process for how to filter down your options and save time, effort and money by matching the software you use to your needs and goals.

Randy and Francesco join a speakers list for BoS Europe that includes Claire LewDerek SiversSarah McVittie, and Amir Salihefendić. Find out more about the speakers below.

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More BoS Europe Supporters

A huge thank you to Twilio, Mills & Reeve, Central Working, and The Bradfield Centre for supporting BoS Europe 2019. 

These companies have all got behind the BoS vision of supporting tech entrepreneurs to build great, sustainable companies. Their support this year means that we can focus on putting together a great schedule of interesting speakers, and help provide people who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend with Scholarship tickets.

Find out more about these companies supporting BoS Europe and how you can get involved below.

BoS Europe 2019 Supporters

A huge thank you also to Balsamiq, New Peak PartnersDraper Esprit, YouCanBook.Me, and SoftwarePromotions for also supporting BoS Europe 2019. 


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That's all for now. Don't forget to register for our Hangout with Jared Spool next week.

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