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Let's dive straight in again this week - apart from BoS Europe happening in just one week, there are the 3 things you need to know about in the world of BoS this week:

  1. The Books That Had The Biggest Impact on BoS Europe Speakers
  2. New Talk from Alex Osterwalder - Designing Better Value Propositions 
  3. Apply for a Scholarship Ticket to BoS Europe

BoS Europe 2018 starts in one week. We still have a few tickets remaining, which you can get here - don't miss out. 

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Now, without further ado...


1 - The Books That Had The Biggest Impact on BoS Europe Speakers


Looking for the next page-turner to take on holiday with you? We asked the speakers for BoS Europe which books had the biggest impact on their career, and what they're reading now. Since they're a pretty smart bunch of people, I'd say this was worth a look.

The BoS Europe Reading List


2 - New Talk from Alex Osterwalder: Designing Better Value Propositions 

Jobs, Pains and Gains & Designing Better Value Propositions | Alex Osterwalder, Strategyzer | BoS Europe 2017

Alex is the author and inventor of Business Model Canvas, a best-selling book and tool to visualise, challenge and reinvent business models. At Business of Software Conference Europe 2017, he led us through an exercise to help identify the jobs your product should be doing to meet the needs and pains of your ideal customer.

Watch Alex's Talk Here


3 - Apply for a Scholarship Ticket to BoS Europe

Do you want to come to BoS Europe but your company can't afford to send you right now? 

Our wonderful sponsors Balsamiq, FE International, and Software Promotions have committed to paying for 4 attendees to come to Business of Software Conference Europe. Applications are open now - fill in this form asap and we'll get back to you in the next few days.

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Have a fantastic week - so looking forward to seeing some of you at BoS Europe next week! There's still time to grab one of the final tickets...

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