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It's nearly my favorite week of the year. I've picked out my shirts, packed my bags, and neatly trimmed my beard specially for the occasion... that's right:

BoS Conference USA is next week!

This really is your final chance to save your place at BoS USA 2018. I was going to try and write something to convince you to come, but then Bridget Harris (CEO/Founder, YouCanBook.Me) tweeted this:
ImageCouldn't have said it better myself.

Save My Place For #BoS2018


We're going to be kept busy next week making sure it's the best BoS Conference we've ever run, so here's a quickfire newsletter with BoS USA goodness that you can enjoy from your desk:


1 // Follow #BoS2018 on Twitter

You can follow all the action on Twitter at #BoS2018. @BoSConference will be keeping you up to date with all the BoS goodness too.



2 // Watch This Hangout with a BoS Speaker

Bruce McCarthy, President of the Boston Product Management Association, recently joined me for a Hangout about the importance of developing a product culture in your organization. Bruce will be speaking in Boston next week about Prioritization - a subject we also touched on.

Watch The Hangout Here


3 // Check Out The #BoS2018 Reading List

We asked this year's speakers about the books that have had the most impact on their business. You can see what books the smart business people are reading here.

#BoS2018 Reading List

Right, that's about it. I'm off to catch my flight to Boston - see you on the other side. You can still join us, AND save significantly on the, 'on the door rate', if you register by Friday. The Seaport Hotel is currently sold out on Monday night but other hotels are available. Let me know if you want a suggestion.

All the best,
Mark Littlewood
+44 7760 171 929