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Today: your biggest challenge for 2018, scaling SaaS marketing, BoS Conference Europe 2017 talks online.

2017 was an extraordinary year by any measure but we've been planning for 2018 for some time. Dates for BoS Conference Europe and USA are confirmed and we will be announcing the first speakers in the new year. Save your place with the best value ticket now. Go on, you know you have got some 2017 budget to burn...

Your biggest challenge in 2018. Help us help you.

As we plan our program for 2018, we'd love to know the single biggest challenge you think your business will face in 2018.

  • Please hit reply and share. Long or short form, we'd love to know.

If we can point you towards help now, we will. It will be incredibly helpful as we curate talks in 2018 too. Thanks.

New Talk: Andrus Purde on Scaling SaaS Marketing


People talk a lot about scaling SaaS, or scaling your hiring or culture. But what about marketing? How does your Marketing need to develop in line with the rest of the business?

Andrus, who in unrelated news left Pipedrive shortly after this talk, describes the four distinct marketing stages your company will go through as it grows; and how, ironically, just as you get comfortable doing something, you’ll need an entirely different skill set to continue successfully.

Watch Andrus' talk here

All The BoS Conference Europe 2017 Talks 


All the talks from BoS Conference Europe 2017 are now online. We will share them, with transcripts etc over the course of the year but if you want to see them straight away, you have two options...

1. You can get early access here for £150. Watch online or download at your leisure.

Click here for all BoS Conference Europe 2017 talks

2. Receive a free link to the talks when you save your place for BoS Conference  Europe or BoS Conference  USA 2018

If you haven't yet registered for the BoS Europe and BoS USA 2018 events, now would be a good time. By booking early you could save up to 50% on your tickets, and snap up the best hotel deals before anyone else. And put just a little of that nice end of year budget you've got hanging around to really good use. 

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Got what it takes to speak? 

If you're interested in speaking at a Business of Software event, the link below will give you some insight into how we choose speakers.We optimise for quality to ensure that each conference theme is carefully adhered to and developed over a stream of diverse and lively presentations. So here below, we reveal Mark's secret formula for successful conference speaking applications... 

How To Get A Speaking Slot At A Conference

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Got to dash The surprising role of the dash in starting an algorithmic arms race 8 minute read

The evolution of enterprise software Bill Janeway on how entrepreneurs & investors targeting the enterprise have had to change approach 15 minute read​

An exist strategy Thanks to Stephen Kellet for sharing this. Taking the long view with a 1,300 year old company 3 minute read

Steve Blank on why Tim Cook is to Apple what Steve Ballmer was to Microsoft​  Old essay but insightful on the difference between vision and execution 4 minute read

13 mental models every founder should know How many do you know? 8 minute read 

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