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It's been another busy week for us as we prepare to host Eric Ries in London.
'The Startup Way' is now officially out, and it's under 3 weeks until the launch night - 6-9pm, November 15th. Exciting news on that below, as well as a look back on the launch event we ran for 'The Lean Startup' way back when in 2012.

Eric Ries in London 15/11/17 - Venue Announcement

'The Startup Way' is now officially out - read what people have been saying here. Grab yourself a copy at your local Amazon website now!


Save your place to come and see Eric in London and get a copy included with your ticket.

Yeah, that one does sound better.

We can now officially announce the venue for the event: 

The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London

The Emmanuel Centre is a great venue - perfect size, excellent location, and comes with its own drum kit. Maybe we can convince Eric to get involved?...

Here are all the details for the event

The Startup Way London Launch
15th November
Emmanuel Centre, Westminster

You do not want to miss this event. Click below to make sure you don't.
Save me a place

BLN Lean?

ImageAny one remember that?

Back in January 2012, our sibling company the BLN ran the launch event for Eric Ries' previous book, the game-changing 'The Lean Startup'.

You might have heard of it.

What you might not have heard was what a great time we had! So to rectify that, we built a little time machine/Delorean/blog post with some of the highlights from the night.
Great Scott! Take me back to 2012

Don't forget our collection of talks from BoS Conferences by those Eric has said helped him form his Lean Startup thought. Great talks by Alex OsterwalderTony UlwickClayton Christensen, and Eric himself.
Show me those talks

Jason Cohen Interview

Interview with Jason Cohen
Jason Cohen kicked off #BoS2017 with a fantastic talk about how to be 'Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise' as a founder. Lianna Patch caught up with him afterwards to talk about imposter syndrome, sales, and Mike Myers.

Click the video above to watch the interview.


2 New Talks From BoS USA 2016

We've got 2 talks for you this week, you lucky person, you.

They're also the final 2 talks from BoS USA 2016, which means we've got some of the talks from Europe 2017 coming very soon.


First up is Steve Johnson of Under 10 Consulting, talking about animals that would look funny if they were a different colour - purple squirrels, neon orange manta rays, polka dot rabbits... oh no hang on.

Steve *actually* talks about the six types of expertise needed for a well rounded team, and why it doesn't matter that you're unlikely to find all six in a new employee. 

Watch Steve's talk here 


And finally, it's Rob Castaneda of ServiceRocket with a talk titled "Some Things Great Software Companies Do That You Don't Have To". He shares some mistakes that some of the best software businesses make in getting customers to use the software they've purchased. Follow his advice to ensure your customers are successful, happy users.

Watch Rob's talk here

Missed any of our videos? Here are 3 of our latest:

Scaling Lean | Ash Maurya, LeanStack | BoS USA 2016
Scaling to a Billion and Beyond
| Zack Urlocker, Duo Security | BoS USA 2016
What Do We Need to Know About AI? | Jana Eggers, NaraLogics | BoS USA 2016


BoS USA Round Up, Pt 3

A few new slide decks have been added to the BoS USA Round Up blog post - you can now see the decks from Chris Savage & Joanna Wiebe in addition to those already uploaded.
Take me to the roundup

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

Small teams drive big change Interesting graphic. Why small teams are often better than large ones    2 minute read
Making millions from made up tech The Register pulling no punches with this piece on Magic Leap    3 minute read
Camels and Rubber Duckies. A Joel Spolsky classic The mot helpful unhelpful guide to understanding software pricing you will ever read    10 minute read
In February 2015, Derek quit his day job to focus on reviewing mattresses A tale of high stakes, sleepless nights, affiliate marketing and reviews sites gone awry    10 minute read
Machine Learning software learns how to make Machine Learning software Recursion, recursion, recursion    8 minute read

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this email. Looking forward to seeing some of you in London on November 15th for Eric Ries. Have a great weekend.

Mark Littlewood
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