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More speakers for BoS USA this week and the opportunity to join us on stage at Business of Software Conference Europe - If you had the undivided attention of a roomful of smart software people, what would you want to say? Would you teach them something or ask for help? Applications are open to join us at BoS Europe as a Lightning Talk speaker.

There's plenty else going on in the world too and we've curated some of the most interesting stuff we have found to keep you up to speed and keep you looking smart as well as sharing Eva Pascoe's talk from last year's BoS Europe on spotting and capitalizing on market trends. 


Lightning Talks - BoS Europe - Your chance to shine!
Lightning Talks are always a highlight of BoS Conferences and you can submit your idea for a chance to speak at BoS Europe today. Lightning Talks follow a simple format – speakers have 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to talk about a subject of their choice. Slides advance automatically. Not only will you get to take the stage, you receive a free pass to the conference. More info. Deadline for applications: 9th May


BoS USA - Dr Sherry Walling, Ever wondered how you and your team could get more done?
You might be asking the wrong question. You’re a highly motivated person, in charge of driving the growth of a startup in a competitive space. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working harder, more hours, to get stuff done. As a leader, your people follow suit and culture changes. Sherry will share some of her considerably insights into managing anxiety, personal productivity, work-life integration, and become adept at reading and understanding your own personal metrics. 

BoS USA - Scott Berkun, Ideas can be dangerous, distracting, difficult things.
Scott joined us last week for a hangout to discuss some of the ideas in his (excellent and practical) new book - short summary here. We're delighted he will join us in Boston in September for this year's conference. Scott will share some ideas and techniques that you can use to harness creativity and help you develop ideas to solve everyday problems. Expect to walk away with some very practical advice about harnessing your own personal creativity and the creativity of your teams.

New Talk Live - Eva Pascoe, Making Trend Spotting Work for Your Business

Such a good talk – not just about how to spot trends, but how you can capitalise on them in the long term from someone who was running mobile ecommerce sites in the 1990s...

Interesting Stuff Curated for Ridiculously Busy Tech People

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