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Exciting times at BoS Towers at the moment as our London event with Eric Ries, (Nov 15th), is almost sold out and we're just getting ready to unleash the talks from this year's conferences. One final one from 2016 today then off we go.

Keep a look out for 2017 talks beginning to appear in your inbox from next week (in a non-creepy, "oh god they're everywhere" sort of way...)

Final BoS 2016 Talk - 2017 Talks Coming Next Week

The end of an era... the final talk from 2016 Conferences has now arrived, and it's a pretty inspiring one to finish on.


Iris Lapinski is the CEO of Apps for Good, a company that provide teaching materials for schools to use to teach school kids to solve problems with tech.

Yep, that is crazy cool.

In her talk, Iris discusses the issues they faced when faced with the challenge of scaling an idea in a 'very non-agile' education system among other things.

Watch Iris' talk here


2017 Talks Coming Next Week


Yes that's right. Talks from 2017 Conferences will be released starting next week. There's so much good stuff on its way, including talks from well known thinkers including Alex Osterwalder, Seth Godin, Rita Gunther McGrath. We've got insights into founder doubt and imposter syndrome that will leave you staggered and reassured - staggered the speakers felt they were imposters, reassured that it can happen to all of us - as well as a whole bunch of great topics.

You've got 25 fantastic talks from BoS2017 coming to you over the course of the next year. As a reader, you know how good these talks are so we wanted to ask a favor. 
Please spread the word and share them with a colleague

It's a win-win: they get to hear some fantastic talks, and you get someone to discuss them with. (And without wanting to give too much away, you might find your colleague coming back to you in a week or so with a smile on their face and a big thank you to you. Trust us... :-))

Less than 2 weeks until Eric Ries in London

Yes, that's right. We are now down to the final 40 or so places for this evening event and whilst we are trying to get more capacity, we're unlikely to be able to in the time-frame so this will sell out soon. 
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We don't have a magic wand


A big thank you to our first sponsor for the event - our good friends over at Syndicate Room. Check out all that they do here.

We are still accepting sponsor applications for this event with Eric Ries. A fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of your company in the presence of hundreds of the UK's brightest Startup minds.

Email me back if you want to discuss sponsorship options - I'd love to hear from you. 


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Don't forget to get you ticket to see Eric Ries in London in 2 weeks, It's going to be a blinder.

Have a great weekend.
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