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Yes that's right - prices for BoS Europe & BoS USA are going up this Friday. Save your place before the end of the week to ensure you get the best deal for #BoS2019 tickets! Onsite rooms for BoS Europe are also running out - more news on how to make sure you get a room onsite at Churchill College at Cambridge University below.

We've got a bumper newsletter this week - there's also:

  • 2 New Speaker Announcements including the Founder of Doist
  • A new talk from Paul Kenny on Turning Software Into Money
  • News on the BoS Europe Sponsors, plus how you can get involved

Read on for all that and more...

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Upcoming Events

Business of Software Conference Europe 2019
11-12 April 2019 // Churchill College, Cambridge UK

Business of Software Conference USA 2019
16-18 September 2019 // Seaport World Trade Center, Boston MA


BoS Europe Hotel Spaces Running Out

As Business of Software Conference Europe approaches, rooms at our venue Churchill College are becoming scarcer. As far as rooms allow, we’ll be staying onsite at Churchill College for the conference, but there really are very limited rooms left now. If you want to stay onsite at Churchill College, you need to book this week to ensure you get a space!

You can book your accommodation through the College Website here. We recommend you book Cowan Court if available – we think the rooms are nicer! Rooms are limited in number and filling up fast – book early to ensure you can stay on site.

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Amir Salihefendić & April Dunford to speak at #BoS2019


This week we're excited to announce 2 brand new speakers to Business of Software Conference! At BoS Europe this April we'll be hearing from Amir Salihefendić, CEO/Founder of Doist (best known for their productivity products Todoist & Twist), and at BoS USA in September from April Dunford, Founder of Ambient Strategy and an expert on market strategy and positioning. Read on to find out what you'll learn from them:

Europe // Building Effective Teams In Remote & Non-Remote Companies - Amir Salihefendić

Amir Salihefendić has been running Doist for over 10 years and employs over 60 people in 25 countries. Originally forced to hire remote employees as he struggling to find the right talent in his then-home Peru, Amir is a very vocal advocate of the benefits of remote work. He'll be speaking about his experience of building an effective team across countries and time zones and share some tips he's learned. 

You'll learn: the core disciplines for building strong teams that are effective for both remote and non-remote teams, and why remote is the future of work.

USA // Positioning for Growth: How To Make Complex Products Obviously Awesome - April Dunford

Your market is crowded, your customers are overwhelmed with choices - how do you make sure your ideal customers opt for your product? Over April Dunford's career she has launched 16 products. Having run sales and marketing teams at several successful tech startups, she knows the importance of positioning your company and product well. Positioning is more important than ever yet most companies fail to strategically choose a market position for their products. April will help you think about the right questions to ensure your product is positioned well.

You'll learn: how to assess your company's positioning and improve it by centering it around your strengths, with examples of companies who've done it successfully.

Amir and April join our growing list of speakers for #BoS2019 - click below to see all the speakers who we'll be learning from this year. Don't forget to register before by Friday to save your place before prices rise!

BoS Europe Speakers     BoS USA Speakers


New Talk: Turning Software Into Money - Paul Kenny

Turning Software Into Money | Paul Kenny, OceanLearning | BoS USA 2017

Paul Kenny is no stranger to the Business of Software Conference stage. A sales coach with experience working with software companies including Redgate and StackExchange, Paul has a huge amount of experience and insight to share on the process of selling your software. In this talk from BoS USA 2017, Paul talked about the important things to get right to set your company up well to turn your software into money.

Paul is returning to speak at Business of Software Conference Europe 2019, where he’ll be talking about how to scale and onboard sales teams effectively.

Watch The Talk


Thanks to our BoS Europe Sponsors!

A huge thank you to Balsamiq, New Peak PartnersDraper Esprit, YouCanBook.Me, and SoftwarePromotions for sponsoring BoS Europe 2019. 

We couldn’t run Business of Software Conference without our wonderful sponsors. Their support ensures we can focus on putting together a great schedule of interesting speakers, and help provide people who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend with Scholarship tickets.

Find out more about the companies sponsoring BoS Europe and how you can get involved below.

BoS Europe 2019 Sponsors

PS - If you’re based in Cambridge UK, you might be interested in an event Draper Esprit are running on February 6th about Building a Global Business From Scratch with former CEO of Grapeshot John Snyder. It promises to be a great event – head along and say hello from us!


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