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Hello and welcome to Blue Monday. Apparently today is the most common day to have a sick day. It's a perfect storm: The Christmas holidays are a distant memory and your next break isn't for months...

Well, I'm sure there are none of those people reading this Newsletter - you're too busy making excellent software for customers you love to support. This week we've got a JTBD Playlist, a SaaS Marketing Hangout rewatch, and news of another upcoming Hangout. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for an update this week on our Hangout with Jason Eckenroth on 31st January. 

A BoS Overview of Jobs-To-Be-Done


Jobs to be Done (JTBD) is a powerful framework to help you understand why your customers hire your product/service. Want to understand why your customers buy? More importantly, why they don’t buy?

Jobs to be Done theory focuses on understanding why a customer hires a product or service to do a particular job. Famously, when you purchase a 1/4 inch drill bit, you rarely want a 1/4 inch drill bit, you want a quarter inch hole. Understanding the needs and motivations of a customer is key to understanding how you can serve them better.

We've packaged up some excellent Business of Software Conference talks to help you use JTBD in your business. 
Get the JTBD Playlist

We'll be doing more of these playlists in the coming months - keep your eyes peeled. 

Scaling SaaS Marketing - Hangout Recording

Scaling SaaS Marketing | AMA with Andrus Purde | 10th January 2018

We had a very interesting Hangout with Andrus last Wednesday. Thanks to those who joined us and submitted their questions. Hope you found it useful - we certainly did.

Andrus talks about the 4 phases a SaaS Marketing Team goes through as it grows, and answers questions about channels, KPIs, onboarding, hiring and lots more. He also gave his thoughts on what’s good and bad in marketing automation, and why he’s building Outfunnel.
Click here to watch the Hangout

We'll be back with for another hangout with Jason Eckenroth (founder of ShipCompliant in a couple of weeks).

Curated Tech News For Ridiculously Busy People

Spolsky is back, and angry with Twitter and Facebook. His first blog post in over a year. Welcome back Joel, we've missed you.    8 minute read.

The modern office of 50 years ago. Amazing to reflect on how much has changed.     9 minute watch

Thanks to Zipboard for recognising BoS as a Conference worth attending. Product people, come at us.     5 minute read

PDQ show us all how to do an apology video. A lesson in humility from our long time friends PDQ.     1 minute watch

All the best for a great week.

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