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Happy December to one and all. It's a decidedly cold and miserable day here in Cambridge, UK, and we're longing for the Spring to arrive... Not just because of the weather, but also because we're getting excited about BoS Europe which we announced last week (May 21-22 2018, London).

Despite the cold we're in good spirits, and you should be too. That's because I bring lots of excellent news. Business of Software Conference speaker applications for 2018 are now open, there's a great new talk from Kirsten Butzow at Pragmatic Marketing, and we've got a special gift to offer to anyone who buys a ticket for a BoS 2018 Conference. Read on to find out more...

How To Get A Speaking Slot At A Conference

Business of Software prides itself on providing nothing less than brilliant speakers year in, year out. There are no keynote speakers, because every speaker is of keynote level. I wanted to show you behind the curtain to see how I pick speakers - with C.A.R.E.

This is a subject on which I count myself an expert. As curator of Business of Software, I have to sift through a mountain of bad speaker applications every year. This blog post (one might possibly call it a rant) is my attempt to encourage more good applications. It's good for you to read and therapeutic for me to write. 

Whichever conference you might be applying to speak at, these principles apply. Apply these 4 filters to any speaker application and it is guaranteed to stand above the vast majority of submissions.

There's also a link inside to apply to speak at a Business of Software Conference in 2018. Make sure you read the post before you apply!

How To Get A Speaking Slot At A Conference


New BoSTalk - How To Build An Effective Team


Dysfunctional Teams & The Wisdom of Ants | Kirsten Butzow

Have you ever worked in a team that didn't function as well as it could? Probably... Do you currently work in such a team? Possibly...

Kirsten Butzow of Pragmatic Marketing presents a brilliant look at how effective teams work. Kirsten recalls a disaster that happened to a dysfunctional team she worked in, and how David Attenborough of all people helped to provide a solution in the form of Leafcutter ants. Take a leaf (geddit) out of their book, says Kirsten.

Also, 50 points to whoever can guess Kirsten's maiden name. You'll have to watch to the end to hear the answer - it's worth it...

Watch Kirsten's talk here


Get All The Europe 2017 Talks Right Now When You Register for #BoS2018

Tickets for both BoS Europe and BoS USA 2018 are now on sale.

Booking early is the sensible option - save up to 50% on your tickets, and use up some of that nice end of year budget you've got hanging around on something really worthwhile.

But that's not the only reason you should book early...

When you book, you don't just get a ticket.

We'll also send you:

  • ALL the talks from BoS Europe 2017 immediately, before they're published online
  • Personally curated BoSTalks to help answer your specific business problem
This is a great offer - don't miss out. Click below to find out more and save your place.
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Eric Ries Wrap-up

Eric Ries Wrap-up: 60'

In November we hosted Eric Ries in London to launch his new book ‘The Startup Way’. We packed out The Emmanuel Centre with 300 of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurial minds. Check out the video above to see what happened on the night!

Click here to watch the video

Have an excellent weekend.

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