My name is Tuning Fork. You may already be a little familiar with me! My story is described in the very first book about the Kingdom of Tune. I hope you have read it already! If not, the book is here.

I also starred in the films “Music and Noise,” as well as “The Maid of Honor: the Mistress of Major and Minor.”

Nice to meet you!

We are celebrating Thanksgiving for Harmony in the Kingdom Day. If you have read the book “The Kingdom of Tune,” then you remember what happened when Queen Tonic was kidnapped and how much work and effort it took to restore harmony in our Kingdom.

I am preparing the hall for our dinner, and I want to tell you more about my work.


Here are the chairs for all members of the Royal Family!


I have to move all the chairs in accordance with the Magic Major Formula:


That's how beautifully I put the chairs, look!


Now I will show you where we will all sit!


See, between Maid of Honor and Princess half-step? Therefore, I moved the chairs close. Also Tonic and Courier are supposed to sit close. During the dinner, he will bring congratulations and gifts to the Queen! Now I will teach you to count! In our Kingdom, our language of numbers is a little different:

Try to remember! Can you?
1. Unison
2. Second
3. Third
4. Fourth
5. Fifth
6. Sixth
7. Seventh
8. Octave

Well, count: how many chairs do you see in the picture? Just count using our language!
Are you done?

Is your answer also the Octave -- or 8 chairs?

If yes, then you are so great! This is the correct answer!

In our Kingdom there should be no more than 7 chairs at each table. If the eighth appears, then this is another table -- or the beginning of another “octave.”


I portrayed the Queen Tonic on the chair with everyone at seat 1, and on the throne at seat 8, at another table -- or as we say: in another octave.

From minute to minute, our Royal Butterfly will fly here.

And here she is!


The butterfly checks the placement of the chairs: where the step is and where the half-step is.

While she is doing this, I will teach you to play the Major Scale!

First, let's learn to march with your fingers on a table and say along:

1-2-3-4 and so on!

You can even try to count in our language! Practice it!
“Unison – Second – Third
Unison – Second – Third – Forth”


And now you need to put your thumb on the key DO
Like this:


Then press the RE key with the pointer, and the MI with your third finger.

And now we need to press the FA key, BUT! With your thumb again. For that you need to practice raising your wrist on the third finger, slightly turning the thumb to the next key - like this:


 After that straighten your hand and follow 2-3-4 with your second, third and third finger.

Here is Hellene Hiner's video instruction how to play the exercise:


And now look at this wonderful video!

Our Soft Mozart student Ariana plays the exercise using two hands!

Try to play like her! It is FUN! The left hand reflects the movement of the right, like in a mirror!

To get started, you need to place your 2 thumbs on the DO key and move your fingers in the opposite directions:


Wait, it seems, Butterflies have some comments on how I set up the chairs!


 “Step—Step--Half-step--Step—Step--Step–Half-step?” The Butterfly asks.

“Of course! Step--Step-Half—step--THREE Steps–Half-step!”  I say. “This is how it supposed to be in a Major scale!”

“You do not follow the news ?!” Butterfly gasps. “The Minor is declared in our Kingdom of Tune! The Princess lost her briefcase, the Guard went to look for it. It made the Maid of Honor upset.”

“How could I miss such a significant news?!” I say.

I am sorry. It’s urgent that I run and redo everything!

Meanwhile, don’t get bored!
Try to recall how to count the chairs in our language.
Practice playing the C/Do Major scale using both your hands:

First go inside-out: 123-1234-123-1234-123-12345

And then back, counting in the reverse order: 54321-321-4321-321-4321-321

Your new “old friend”
Uncle Tuning Fork

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