Coda + You:

Born to Run in the Cloud

By Sam Fatigato, CEO, Coda Global

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to see Springsteen on Broadway. The show offers an intimate performance with the artist – just Bruce, his guitar, a piano and the audience. He shares his music and personal stories spanning five decades, and even if you weren’t a huge fan walking into the theater, you certainly will have an appreciation for his art and his humanity by the time you leave.

I was fortunate to attend a performance with my son earlier this month and I’ve been reflecting on the experience in view of how we work with our clients at Coda. [Read More

Here is what we’re thinking about at Coda Global and some of our recent announcements and innovations.

Moving Legacy Apps to the Cloud

Significant efficiencies and cost advantages can be gained by migrating legacy apps to the cloud. But this isn’t the only reason to consider a shift from legacy to cloud. Patches, updates and security workarounds required year-round by legacy software can provide a backdoor for cyber attacks and require significant maintenance and attention from the IT department, a soft cost that is difficult to capture, yet very real. [Read More]

Is Automation the ‘Secret Sauce’ in Successful Apps?

Containerization discussions are usually about solving one of three very common problems: Velocity, Portability or Delivery. This third problem is where applying automation and orchestration best practices can help you achieve velocity and portability while still adhering to important organizational security and management rules. But this is also the point at which some developers cut corners. If you aren’t automating security and support functions into the app itself, then your app isn’t being built correctly. [Read More]

Why We Call ‘Managed Cloud Services’ by Another Name

Paying a significant monthly fee to a third party to do nothing more than maintain your legacy solutions – just keeping the lights on – is what many organizations have come to expect of “managed services,” but you should demand so much more. We prefer the term “continuous innovation,” because that is what a managed services partner who oversees your cloud resources really should be doing. In fact, there are four key things that Continuous Innovation can do for you. [Read More]

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